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The Best Beach Towels on Amazon, According to Hyperenthusiastic Reviewers

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At this point during the coronavirus pandemic, New York City beaches are still closed. But, since summer weather is on the horizon, we think that (space permitted) you can sunbathe at a safe social distance on your stoop, backyard porch, or even fire escape.

While we’ve written before about everything you need for a good day in the sun — including the best beach chairs, beach umbrellas, and beach bags — here, we’ve rounded up the best beach towels as praised by the most enthusiastic reviewers on Amazon.

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Best-rated beach towel

Utopia Extra Large Towel

Over 2,000 purchasers gave this towel a five-star review, highlighting certain features that make it great for the beach: It’s very large and soft, it effectively absorbs water, and it’s a really “good deal.” According to one satisfied owner, “If you want a lighter weight quick-drying towel that is extra extra large with bright colors and a very inexpensive price, this is the towel for you.” It’s technically listed as a “bath towel,” and while most reviewers says it’s great for that purpose, many also enthusiastically recommend it as a beach towel. “The oversize aspect of it makes it a great beach towel,” writes one reviewer. Another adds, “I’ve purchased a number of these (in red, black and white) and love them. They are quite thick and soft, and make perfect beach towels. They have held up well after numerous wash cycles.” As one enthusiastic reviewer puts it: “Absolutely the yummiest towels that I have ever owned, in my entire adulthood and I am 65 years old.”

Best-rated (less expensive) beach towel

$22 for 2

At slightly under $10 per towel, this inexpensive striped set is “perfect for the pool or beach. The size is great. The fabric is soft. They aren’t too thin or too thick,” writes one customer. Many other reviewers say these AmazonBasics towels are durable, including one whose daughter has been using them four days a week for swim practice. After six months of heavy use, “They are soft and comfortable and have really held up with all the use she’s gotten out of them. We don’t need more but will definitely come back here to purchase more when we do. Great price.” Another five-star reviewer got this set as his-and-hers towels for a beach vacation and says they were “perfect. We’re both pretty tall people (6’2”, 5’11”) and they worked great. Held up to multiple washes, actually dried us off, and lasted all summer even after vacation.”

Best plush beach towel

“I can’t believe I spent $40 on a single towel, but I’m glad I did.” Reviewers love this towel’s “plush” fabric: “I wish they made robes from the same material,” writes one purchaser. “The Cabana Beach Towel is indeed quite plush,” writes another. “And they are huge. I’ve collected a real ghastly collection of beach towels over the years, but it will be nice to finally show up to the beach in style.” The general consensus is that this beach towel is worth the price, as one reviewer explains: “I’m a big believer in getting what I pay for. And when it comes to comfort, I’m willing to pay for it. Needing a nice towel for a weekend trip to the beach, I wanted something that could handle the conditions and make me feel good. This towel is the softest, plushest towel I ever touched. I even washed it twice, and the colors and durability held up. I highly recommend this towel to anyone who enjoys comfort and softness.”

Best patterned beach towel

Pendleton Oversize Cotton Beach Towel

“The colors are stunning and the towels are absolutely gorgeous,” writes one reviewer. “I bought these for the beach and they are much thicker than your average beach towel, which is great as I know they will hold up. I also love the fact that they are quite lengthy — at 5’7” I can lay out with my knees up and not have my feet in the sand. You won’t see a nicer towel on the beach. I think these have become a new addiction of mine. Will definitely buy again.” Purchasers love the unique designs and patterns on these towels. One even writes that it’s “too good to use as a towel” and chose to use it as a “wall hanging” instead. Many also appreciate having an oversize beach towel such as this one. “This is a gorgeous high quality towel. It is a few inches longer and wider than most beach towels. Luxurious.”

Best lightweight beach towel

Nature Is Gift Natural Turkish Cotton Towel

These hammam-style Turkish towels are made from a lightweight, easy-to-pack cotton, and many appreciate that they fold down smaller than more traditional, terry-cloth beach towels. One reviewer, who purchased three of these for a trip to Hawaii, says, “they were portable (waaay easier than toting 3 beach towels), quick drying, and worked well. I even used it on the plane as a light blanket — perfect!” The lighter fabric also means they’re great to take on the go. According to one reviewer, “We made the switch to Turkish towels and love how quickly they dry, how we never have mildew smells, and how long and wide they are. They make a nice beach spread, dry quickly in the hotel, and are compact.” Another customer likes that they don’t “collect sand the same way my other towels do, so I get to leave the beach at the beach!! I can also wear this as a cover up when needed! Worth the money.”

Best beach towels to buy in bulk

$45 for 4

“We live just 300 yards from the beach and we go through beach towels quickly. We use them and our visiting family and friends use them. So many of the ‘tourist’ towels really don’t stand up to the wear, but these do. They are actual towels and not beachfront souvenirs. Absorbent and soft, and the colors stay vibrant. They’re great towels.” Reviewers praise these beach towels for delivering great value, especially at this price point. “I had low expectations, buying a pack of towels without being able to feel them first. I was pleasantly surprised at the thickness of the towels, much better than some thinner cheap beach towels I had bought in the past. I have used them several times at the pool since taking them to the beach and I am still very happy with my purchase.” One family found the multicolor four-pack to be just what they needed for a trip to Virginia Beach. “There are four of us and we each needed a beach towel. This pack afforded us a quality product and we each have our favorite color.”

Best blanket beach towel


Over 85 percent of this blanket’s verified reviewers give it five stars, citing its style and uniqueness as some of their favorite qualities. Many also appreciate the manufacturer’s values: “I bought it for its aesthetics, but after researching the company, I feel even better about how I spent my money.” One purchaser says, “It’s absolutely beautiful! I get lots of compliments and inquiries when I use it on the beach.” The idea of using a Mexican blanket as a beach towel might strike some as unexpected, but many owners of this blanket think it’s great for the beach, and they like that it’s easy to use in other situations as well. “Mexican blankets are my favorite blanket to bring with me when I go camping, to the park, or to the beach. This blanket it soft unlike some other Mexican blankets that tend to be itchy and its colors are so pretty and bright. I’ve been using mine for outdoor yoga and my kitty loves hanging out with me on the blanket.”

[Editor’s Note: This beach blanket towel is currently out of stock, but it will be back in stock on June 1.]

Best sand-free beach towel