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Everything You Need to Cut Women’s Hair at Home, According to Hairstylists

Photo: Courtesy of HBO

A month into quarantine, you’re likely finding yourself pushing your bangs out of your eyes more frequently or noticing a few more split ends than usual. Or maybe your hair is looking a little thick, and you’re ready to try something you’d generally never attempt at home, like a trim — or shaving your head entirely. To get some tips about how to trim bangs, shave your head, or trim ends without ending up looking like Hannah Horvath after she tried to cut her hair at home in Girls, we reached out to four hairstylists. And while all suggested that your best bet is waiting until you can see your hairstylist again (those hundreds of hours of training aren’t for nothing), they did have some tips for touching up your hair in the meantime. Before we get started, one piece of advice from all: less is more. “Remember, it’s not what’s on the floor, it’s what’s left on your head,” says Lorraine Massey, the founder of CurlyWorld.

Trimming your own hair