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The 15 Best Towels on Amazon, According to Hyperenthusiastic Reviewers

Best bath towels on Amazon 2017
Patterned, hotel-style, or Turkish towels for whatever your preference. Photo: Courtesy of the retailers

Here at the Strategist we like to think of ourselves as crazy (in the good way) about the stuff we buy (like bed sheets or pillows), but as much as we’d like to, we can’t try everything. Which is why we’re introducing People’s Choice, in which we find the best-reviewed (that’s four-to-five-star reviews and lots of ‘em) products and single out the most convincing. Here, the best bath towels on Amazon — we found some great ones on sale, too — according to the people (note that reviews have been edited for length and clarity).

Luxury Bath Towel

Superior 900 GSM Luxury Bathroom Towels (30 x 55 inches)
$40 for 2 at Amazon

“Life’s little luxuries define one’s contentment. These towels are about twice the weight of ordinary bath towels, and maybe a quarter larger. But their value lies in the user experience. One is swaddled in luxury after a shower, super absorbency, hair close to dry, the texture of fine, long-grain cotton caressing your body to dry it thoroughly. Honest to God, these are right up there with a luxury auto or prestige champagne. Probably the best value to pamper yourself for a year or two I can think of. Comparable to a single-malt scotch, a dry-aged steak, or a Cuban cigar, these towels are one of life’s great pleasures.”

Luxury White Bath Towels (27 x 54 inches)
$40 for 4 at Amazon

“We’ve been buying towels for over thirty years of married/family life. We’ve had these for about two months now and they are some of the best, if not the best towels we’ve ever owned. They are a wonderful blend of soft, thick, thirsty, and sturdy. Often one property overwhelms at the expense of the others. Not true with these. They are excellent in more or less every category. Highly recommend.”

Everyday-Value Towel

Martex Commercial Bath Towel - Pack of 6
$41 at Amazon

“I bought some of these for Christmas last year. I looked at ‘good’ towels and almost swallowed my tongue at the price. I’m a guy … I’ll use an old shirt to dry off after a shower … or even drip-dry if necessary. So, I ordered these with mediocre expectations. So far, though, the wife and I have been pleased with them … If you want a decent, durable white towel to dry off with after the shower — hit ‘add to cart.’”

Turkish-Cotton Bath Towel

Chakir Turkish Cotton Luxury Hotel & Spa Bath Towel — Set of 4
$44 at Amazon

“These towels are not as expensive as many I’ve purchased in the past, but they are everything I could want in a bath towel. They are very absorbent, very soft, and come out of the dryer feeling and looking brand-new. The size is large enough to satisfy even my husband, and that is saying a lot! He only likes using oversize bath towels, and these ones more than meet his expectations. I don’t usually rave about something so basic as a bath towel, but these ones deserve all the good things one can say about them.”

Hammam-Style Turkish Bath Towel

Cacala Turkish Bath Towels
$24 at Amazon

“Really absorbent and they dry really fast. After multiple washes, I can see how these towels just get better over time. Much much softer now than when I bought them and I’m really liking both the lightness and speed with which they dry, even just air drying. Glad I bought them and would consider getting a few more to replace our bulky old towels.”

Egyptian-Cotton Bath Towel

Pinzon 6-Piece Egyptian Cotton Towel Set
$25 at Amazon

“Absolutely what I was looking for. These towels are wonderfully made, feel super soft to the touch, and most importantly, were very absorbent. We have a lot of pets in our house and end up going through towels quickly, when we wear them out, they go to cleaning up the dogs, so I needed some new ones for the humans. These ones do not seem like they will wear out anytime soon, and they are very durable. Have already run them through the wash a few times with no real signs of them fading or getting any less soft. I love the way they feel, and I honestly could have used them as a blanket and taken a nap because of how nice they were. For the price, you CANNOT beat these!”

Bamboo Bath Towel

Brooklyn Bamboo Bath Towels — 3-Piece Set
$25 at Amazon

“Love these towels. I bought them a few months after I had bought the same brand’s face cloths. They are soft, and I love that they are organic and made of sustainable/renewable bamboo. I love that they are also thin. They are just so efficient. They absorb the same amount as a thick towel. They are also great for traveling because they are light. The print on them isn’t really obvious. It was the one reservation I had before I placed the order because I would have preferred a plain one. It’s subtle and does not detract from the experience of this great towel.”

Gym Towel

byLora Women’s Cotton Bath Wraps
From $30 at Amazon

“Worth the money! No more trying to hold together the loose ends of the towel while trying to get dressed in the locker room. The material is good quality, the Velcro closure works wonderfully. Size XXL is perfect for plus size. Just right!”

Microfiber Bath Towel for Travel

Incite Elite Quick Dry Towel
$15 at Amazon

“Six months ago I met someone who had one of these towels on a sailing trip. As she sat there on the edge of the sailboat with her towel that dried up in no time and was light and versatile, my daughter and I sat there with sopping-wet cotton towels doomed to be drenched for the next two days. We were in Central America, walking nearly everywhere. It was not pleasant as everything it touched was drenched and heavy too. The lady was kind enough to tell us that she was hesitant at first, but bit the bullet for travel. After receiving the towels and using them, they are our favorite go-to towels. They are very light weight and dry surprisingly fast, although even when wet they are not heavy. I don’t like leaving reviews until I have actually used the product enough to have constructive feedback. They have held up washing, in the sun, on sand, on boat decks, in the woods, and I use the small one in the gym for sweat.”

Toddler Bath Towel

100% Medical Grade Natural Antibacterial Towels
$46 at Amazon

“I was going to use this as a gift for someone else. But when it came in, well, I changed my mind. I wanted it; had to have it! I was so intrigued by the material and thickness that I ripped open the bag. Now, when my daughter was born I made sure we had plenty of muslin swaddle blankets, towels and washcloths, so I am familiar with the material. But none of the products I had purchased for my child that were made of muslin were this thick. Not by a long shot. I was super surprised at the thickness and softness. I only say that because the description boasts awesome absorption (3xs normal). Also, it is supposed to be helpful for delicate skin that may easily irritate. I also noticed a few other reviews stating the towel was also used as a blanket. Totally doable, and I think I will do the same as well. It is perfect for those times when a muslin swaddle blanket is too thin, but another blanket is too thick. I can see using it to cover my daughter up at the beach should she end of taking a nap. Perfect to keep the breeze at bay yet light enough so she doesn’t get hot. Did I mention how BIG this is? I took a photo of it draped over one of my chairs. It is the perfect size! Maybe a bit big for an infant, but it’s perfect for my toddler. 43 inches x 45 inches.”

Patterned Bath Towel

Pendleton Unisex Canyonlands Jacquard Spa Towel
$43 at Amazon

“I previously purchased a Pendleton towel, and swore I wouldn’t purchase another because they are so pricey. Well, I lied. After surrendering my first towel to my husband, I found I missed having a huge, oversized, incredibly soft, and extremely absorbent bath towel. So I purchased this one for myself. It’s actually prettier in person than the picture here on Amazon! After using a Pendleton towel, all others seem to be lacking. These are nice and thick. It will shed a lot of ‘fuzzies’ right out of the package, so wash before using. Another bonus … The colors don’t bleed!!! These towels are simply amazing, and I’m already planning on purchasing a few more.”

Bath Sheet Towel

Utopia Extra Large Towels
$16 at Amazon

“These towels are HUGE!! and so fluffy! They shed in the dryer a good bit the first five or six times you dry them, but after that, they tend to slack off. I bought one just to see how I liked them, then ended up buying five more!!”

Organic Bath Towel

1888 Mills Organic Cotton Luxury Bath Towel, 2-Pack
$30 at Amazon

“I’m a towel and washcloth snob. An EXCELLENT towel set has been my luxury to myself all my life. Now I’m retired and my towels and washcloths are as tired and worn out as I am. Given Amazon’s product policy and free shipping and MADE IN THE USA, I decided to give these 1888 Mills washcloths (and towels) a go. I LOVE THEM! Washed them first and then used them. Fluffy soft and good looking. Will be giving these as gifts from now on. THANK YOU 1888 Mills and Amazon! ONE COMPLAINT — Amazon — these came with a set of two towels in a box that is so oversized, I wept. What a waste.”

Ribbed Bath Towel

Classic Turkish Towels
$60 at Amazon

“I have used these for a week and I am sold. I wasn’t sure about the ribbed design and was very leary about the Turkish-cotton claim. There is so much marketing bull out there now that is making it hard to find quality cotton. When they arrived, I washed them on eco-warm with no fabric softener and threw them in the dryer on low heat. When I pulled out the lint screen I was shocked at the amount of lint. When I pulled it out, in compressed into a little ball and felt like baby bunny fur. I couldn’t believe how soft it was. Folding the towels the first time I did not think they were super soft. After the second wash they were twice as soft. As far as doing their job, they dry you off great. The ribbed design really helps with this and seems to let them dry faster. I’m really impressed with these and would/will order these again.”

Waffle-Weave Bath Towel

Aquis Waffle Body Towel
$32 at Amazon

“Wow, this towel is amazing! Soaks up the water off my body like it’s a super sponge. Normally, I have to rub the regular towels I get from Target to really dry myself off, but this towel is on another level. It’s way thinner than regular towels, which makes it more convenient to wash or pack. At the same time, it absorbs water way better, so just a quick pat-down is more than enough to fully dry. Will be getting more to replace the rest of my towels.”

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The 15 Best Towels on Amazon, According to Intense Reviewers