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The Best Cable Organizers on Amazon, According to Hyperenthusiastic Reviewers

Photo: Courtesy of the retailer

Here at the Strategist, we like to think of ourselves as crazy (in the good way) about the stuff we buy, but as much as we’d like to, we can’t try everything. Which is why we have People’s Choice, in which we find the best-reviewed products and single out the most convincing ones. (You can learn more about our rating system and how we pick each item here.)

And while we’ve written about lots of tech accessories — including USB-C adapters, a Danish laptop brush, and the laptop cover from Always Be My Maybe — here, we’ve rounded up the best cable organizers, as praised by the most enthusiastic reviewers on Amazon.

Best-rated cable organizer

VELCRO Brand One Wrap Thin Ties

“You know how you have that one drawer and one shelf of cables that are just thrown in a box? Well, I had that drawer, box, and shelf,” one reviewer writes, adding that these cable organizers helped get them all together. “Sat down and had a cord wrapping party one night and these were absolutely perfect.” More than 6,000 people give these organizers a five-star review, and many praise for them for the way they wrap snugly. One writes, “The one end of the strap loops through the other, so even when you unwrap it, it stays on the cord, which makes it perfect not only for [semi-permanent] cord control and organization situations, but also for putting one on the end of every portable appliance and power tool we own.”

Reviewers also say that these organizers work with a variety of cord sizes. One uses them on things as small as “headphones and charging cords,” while another is “using them principally on sound equipment like 18-20 ft guitar cables, 15-foot speaker cables and the like.” And according to another reviewer, these really get the job done, big or small, with ease: “It is easy to apply, easy to remove, does not cause damage to cords/cables, does not rapidly degrade with age, can easily be cut (or combined) to change the size for the user’s needs, and works well even when being used frequently.”

Best-rated (less expensive) cable organizer

Blue Key World Cable Clip Organizer

“In the grand scheme of things what I was facing was very much a first-world problem: We had so many charging cords on the bedside table that birds were eyeing it as a possible nesting location,” one reviewer writes. “Phone — needs a cable. Tablet — needs a cable. Kindle — needs a cable. Some still as yet unidentified device — needs a cable.” This user tried a number of hacky solutions before settling on these cable clips. “Installation was extremely simple: figure out where you want to put them, peel the paper off the sticky foam on the back of each clip, and press it into place,” the user says. “Once stuck on the surface of your choice all you have to do is push any offending cables in between the little rubber ‘fingers,’ and boom: instant organization.” In addition to being user-friendly, reviewers describe how sturdy these clips are. “They have incredibly strong adhesive and will keep your cable in place,” one writes. “The rubber is a little harder than the competition making it harder to get the cables in but also harder to get them out. This ends up being a giant plus making it so that all the cables stay in and don’t fall out.” Users also say these stick to a number of surfaces, too, and reviewers report using them on glass, plastic, and wood, with no trouble.

And now for some micro-picks for every cable organizer you might be looking for.

Best cable organizer for travel

While these could be used in a number of settings, a few reviewers call out how well these work while traveling. “I leave them connected to the cord when I’m using the cord on the plane which reminds me to take the cord with me when I’m done,” one writes, while another says, “I took another reviewer’s advice and cut holes in them to thread the cords through and it works wonders, especially for chargers that I like to keep with me on the go.” One who used these during a European vacation says, “It was super easy to look in our bag and immediately know who’s cord belong to who,” as this pack comes in a number of colors and sizes, which reviewers appreciate. One explains, “The bigger sized ones are perfect for the thick cables of tools like saws, drills, routers, etc, the smaller ones I use them for the gadgets.”

Best cable organizer sleeve with zipper

JOTO Cable Management Sleeve

“My wife said: ‘organize those %^$##@ cords to the TV, PS4, routers, etc. or I am going to disconnect everything and throw them in a pile,’” one reviewer writes, adding that this was an easy fix. “The cord management items arrived just in time to avert a disaster, and I had everything organized in 15 minutes.” Other reviewers agree that this a quick solution to an ugly problem, and many praise the zipper construction for that. “They’re very easy to work with and the zipper (I guessed it would be a problem) operated smoothly,” one says. “I even had to remove one sleeve to add another cord to it — the removal and re-zip was easy as pie.” Because it’s a sleeve, reviewers use this for more than just aesthetic purposes.

Users with kids, both human and four-legged, use these to keep little ones out of the mess. “I have a couple of jerk cats that seem to try to establish their dominance in our house by proving that they can force us to have to replace cords and chargers at their whim,” one user says. “However, after purchasing these bad boys, I believe the ball is back in our court. Take that, furry beasts! We were able to save multiple cords around the house that they had been attempting to destroy.” And more than one reviewer appreciates that there are four sleeves in a single order, and they can be zipped together for extra-wide bundles: “One sleeve is too skinny for our cord bundle, so I zipped 2 together and that is a good size.”

Best cable organizer sleeve with Velcro

“Been a dream of mine to actually take the time and pride to properly cable manage my PC,” one reviewer writes. “After binding the tower cables, speaker wires and more … This wrap just cleans up all the lines.” This sleeve wraps up cords into some pretty sturdy fabric, according to reviewers, and about 15 percent of them specifically comment on the Velcro seal. “The first thing I noticed was the quality of the material,” one writes. “It legit looked and felt like a wet suit. It was super easy to cut the length I needed, arrange the cables and close the Velcro.” That ability to customize the length of this sleeve by cutting it to the desired length is another selling point for many, though one reviewer adds, “Having the choice of white or black in any location is just icing on the cake.”

Best cable organizer for desks

J Channel Desk Cable Organizer

Nearly a quarter of reviewers report using these J-channel cable organizers at their desk. “No more messy cables hanging down,” one reviewer writes. “I put these under the desk, mounted to the underside of the desk, with the wires shoved in.” While this user used all five pieces that come with this order, another says, “There’s more than enough in one box for most desks.” The reviewer adds that you can adhere them in a number of ways: “I have these mounted vertically on the desk legs and horizontally under the desktop.” Others say these work on a variety of desks as well. “It worked great on my stand-up desk,” one writes, while another says, “Sticks very well to the side or bottom of a desk or wherever you want to place it.” While one says the unfortunate thing is they can see the white strip of tape through their glass desk, they still write, “Nothing has broken or let me down yet.” Another agrees that these are a “a fantastic buy,” but when they arrived, the reviewer had to confront a very modern problem: “looks like everything I have is wireless now.”

Best cable organizer for appliances