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26 Gifts for Everyone on Your List (That You Can Buy at Urban Outfitters)

Photo: Courtesy of retailer

When you’re really busy, as a lot of people are this time of year, any time-saving trick, no matter how small, pays off. One of the most effective ways to save time (and money on shipping) is to get all your gifts at the same place. So we dug into a ton of the cool stuff we’ve already written about — in some cases multiple times — to find the most stellar gifts for the widest variety of people and filtered it by retailer. Our system worked so well at Nordstrom, we decided to try implementing it elsewhere. Here, to help you shave hours off your imminent holiday shopping, are the 26 greatest gifts for every single person (and animal) on your list that you can buy in one fell swoop at Urban Outfitters.

For the student starting at a new school


Help them impress their peers with the trendiest backpack on the planet (according to teens and college students).

For the mom with sensitive earlobes

If her lobes react badly to most earrings, she’ll appreciate these cheap but nice-looking hoops with nonirritating sterling-silver posts.

For the scruffy dad who’s still using Irish Spring

Since the skin under men’s facial hair tends to dry out easily, he’ll need a beard wash like this one from Maapilim that cleans while adding moisture.

For the mood-light evangelist on your list

These statusy Goober candles are so pleasing to the eye they’ll be tempted to display it unlit, like a work of art.

For the 20-year-old who can’t have candles in their dorm

Himalayan Salt Lamp

We heard from a bunch of college students who live in dorm rooms that pink Himalayan salt lamps give off a similar warm glow to candles without breaking dorm rules. They also told us they’re a trendy décor item and fun to “lick when you’re drunk.”

For the heritage bro who travels a lot

This convenient shave kit makes even the most bland Marriott bathroom feel like an old-timey barber shop.

For the little cousin you got in secret Santa

Champion hoodies are popular among tweens, teens, 20-somethings, and older folks. Plus they come in a ton of different, flattering colors like this burgundy one.

For the spouse who does all the shoveling

These snow- and waterproof Sorel duck boots are tough on moisture and easy on the eyes.

For the cool aunt who loves true-crime podcasts


Most Bluetooth speakers look more like a beach accessory than something you’d display on your mantle. But this one from Marshall has the vintage appeal and good looks that even the most discerning people will approve.

For the partner who likes giving commands

For even less money, you can give your partner the gift of a personal assistant they can boss around and not feel bad.

For the VSCO girl (or guy) in your family

Hydro Flasks are hands down the most popular of all the status water bottles. But they’re also really good at what they do: keeping water cold and coffee hot. So it’s actually a gift everyone on your list would be happy to unwrap.

For the sibling studying abroad

Don’t let your brother or sister get on a plane with your dad’s suitcase from the ’80s. Give them this instead.

For the niece who’s a tiny bit lazy

Uggs used to be cool. Then they got very uncool. But they’re slowly seeping into the closets of fashion insiders and influencers. If you’re open to the risk, they’re super-cozy and easy to slip on for everything from walking the dog to meeting friends for brunch.

For the nephew who’s “really into vinyl right now”

At this price, you could probably also spring for Nevermind on vinyl.

For the empty-nesters who just got a Labradoodle

This dog bed might actually help them keep Max off the couch.

For the little sister who’s obsessed with Euphoria

These exclusive Moxi skates are painfully cute. They’re also the No. 1 pick for beginner skaters, according to the experts we talked to.

For the aunt with a low-maintenance skin-care routine

A set of rose-themed essentials from simplified-skin-care brand Mario Badescu. The facial spray is a Tavi Gevinson favorite.

For the wife who goes to bed early

If you tend to keep her up with your reading light or the light of your phone, give her this luxe silk eye mask and pillowcase to show her you care take her beauty sleep seriously. The mask is a must-have for designer Karen Walker and Supergoop! CEO Holly Thaggard.

For the cousin who’s into chubby home decor

This cheerful, slightly rotund colored-glass jug will put an instant smile on anyone’s face.

For the sibling who works on a ice-crushing boat


A warm AF beanie that feels equally at home on the deck of a boat as it does on Canal Street.

For the boyfriend with a cute butt

For the family white elephant

This karaoke microphone stole the show in our celebrity white elephant last year, and it’ll do the same at your aunt’s house this year.