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The Best Kitchen Knife Sets on Amazon, According to Hyperenthusiastic Reviewers

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Here at the Strategist, we like to think of ourselves as crazy (in the good way) about the stuff we buy, but as much as we’d like to, we can’t try everything. Which is why we have People’s Choice in which we find the best-reviewed products and single out the most convincing ones. (You can learn more about our rating system and how we pick each item here.)

And while we’ve written about lots of kitchen gear — including the best food scissors, cutting boards, and even a guide to shopping for knives — here we’ve rounded up the best kitchen knife sets, as praised by the most enthusiastic reviewers on Amazon.

Best-rated (and least expensive) knife set

Utopia Kitchen Premium Class Stainless Steel Kitchen 6 Piece Knives Set

Hundreds of reviewers were amazed by this set’s value and design, with one writing, “I love how sleek the set is. I think it looks much more expensive than what I paid for it, and I’m cool with that.” Another says that this knife block “looks beautiful on the counter in the kitchen, people always assume it costs a lot more than it did.” But as another reviewer, who called these knives “the centerpiece of my kitchen,” points out, “the main selling point is not the looks. Knives do you no purpose if they are not functional.” Luckily, they deliver on that front as well. This reviewer continues, “These are sharp and I am happy the steel runs the entire length of blade. There is no separation where grease, food particles, water can be get into.”

Reviewers were pleased with how the set holds up over time, as well, like one who says, “They came plenty sharp and they are still sharp a year and half later. I have never sharpened them … They still look brand new.” Others praised their slicing abilities, with one raving that “since the day this set has arrived, cutting and chopping is an entirely different experience. I have no more loose handles with blades coming out.” Another wrote, “Holy amazeballs, these knives are sharp! The best test was the grape tomato. I was able to slice paper thin slices of a grape tomato without a hint of slippage or crushing it.”

And now for some micro-picks of every type of kitchen knife set you might be looking for.

Best kitchen knife set with wood block

AmazonBasics Premium 18-Piece Knife Block Set

The durability of this “super sharp and heavy” set shocked and impressed reviewers, like one who wrote, “I found myself buying knife block sets regularly because nothing under $200 lasts these days, until I purchased these.” They continue, “They are nice and weighed. Great quality and long lasting if taken care of property (hand wash and dry, don’t put in dishwasher or you could rust them). I am very pleased with these.” Another reviewer — a professional chef for almost 20 years — previously thought that “you don’t get quality in an inexpensive knife set. This AmazonBasics Premium set really impressed me … This here is a quality product at a good price. Treat them with respect and they will last for YEARS.”

Best (less expensive) kitchen knife set with wood block

AmazonBasics 14-Piece Knife Set with High-carbon Stainless-steel Blades and Pine Wood Block

Reviewers were impressed by this relatively inexpensive set’s ability to hold up to to pricier, even professional sets, like one professional chef who wrote, “I use high quality (read: expensive) knives at work all day. My budget-conscious fiance surprised me with these for the home. Needless to say, I was skeptical … So I put them to the test against my Miyabis. Incredible. I was truly shocked at how well these worked!” Dozens of reviewers also praised the sharpness of the blades, with one saying that even after six months, “They’re still the sharpest knives I’ve ever had and I haven’t even had to sharpen them since I opened them.” Others praise the knives’ weight, which “helps each slice come through nice and clean (and didn’t squish the tomatoes down!),” as well as the kitchen shears included in the set, which get praise for being “very well made” and “fantastic.”

Best kitchen knife set with white handles

Cuisinart C77WTR-15P Triple Rivet Collection 15-Piece Cutlery Block Set, White

Dozens of reviewers rave about this knife block’s quality and beautiful appearance, with one calling it, “very chic and posh in style as well as a super functional kitchen knife set!” The white handles, in particular, are a standout feature for several reviewers, with one writing, “White is like pearls.” Another says, “These were the only white handle knives I could find at an affordable price. I’m sure there are better quality knives out there, but these match my kitchen and they work just fine.” And the quality is generally lauded by commenters: “These knives are great. They are well-made, the wood block is very heavy and sturdy, and they are unique looking.” Many others agree that these knives are well-made, like one reviewer who describes the set as, “Solid! They’re sharp, the weight is solid and everything else you could possibly ask for as far as a knife set goes.” And the block is, according to one reviewer, “a gorgeous natural wood finish.” This well-reviewed knife set is also available with black handles.

Best German kitchen knife set

Zwilling J.A. Henckels 30768-000 TWIN Signature Knife Block Set, 11 Piece

This set, as one reviewer writes, is made up of “extremely sharp and professional grade knives.” Another discerning reviewer says, “I was looking for forged Zwilling blades, made in Germany. These feature ice-hardened, stamped blades. When blades are hardened in this manner they’re more durable and long-lasting than regular stamped blades. You’ll immediately notice that the blades stay sharper for longer and will hold their edge.” Another reviewer praised that “you can just feel how well they are put together.” Yet another satisfied customer raved that “the knives are lightweight, well balanced and the handles are ergonomically well designed for a very comfortable grip, helping to lessen fatigue if doing a lot of prep work. I was surprised by how light [but also] sturdy [they are] thanks to German steel and Henckels tempering process.”

Best German kitchen knife set with steak knives

J.A. Henckels International 35309-000 Statement Knife Block Set, 12-Piece

A set of J.A. Henckels at a more affordable price point, “these are not the German ones, but almost as good,” explains one reviewer, pointing out that these are actually made in China. Another calls them “the next best thing,” calling out their “very good quality … The steel is sharp and thick enough and the handles are heavy with a great nonslip design.” As one home cook puts it, “If you’re a professional chef, these likely aren’t the knives you’re bringing to work. If, however, like me you’re prepping and cooking 2-3 meals a day for your family, these are an excellent option! They slice right through tomatoes without resistance, and I can effortlessly get paper thin slices of onion as needed.” Another reviewer calls this a “sturdy set that made me realize what owning an adult knife set was all about. I’m finally able to cut steaks with ease and slice other objects that cheap knives before couldn’t do.”

Best kitchen knife set with self-sharpening knife block

Calphalon Classic Self-sharpening 6-piece Knife Block Set

The most convenient, and most popular, feature of this set, according to dozens of reviewers, is the built-in sharpener. As one reviewer explains, “the big knives have a self-sharpening stone when you place them back in their holding area that sharpens the knife as you slide it back in!” Another reviewer noted that this system “took some getting used to having sharp knives since I’ve had such dull ones all these years. Didn’t realize how bad mine were until we got these.” Others agreed this set was well worth the upgrade, like one who wrote, “As a college student, I got used to living the cheap life. $25 Costco knife sets can be just as good as the real deal, right? I lived in my world of alternative facts, head buried in the sand like an ostrich avoiding eye contact with its crush. I kept believing my knives were just fine and that it was all the potato’s fault my knife wasn’t cutting anything,” but then “my head finally came out of the sand when I gifted myself this Calphalon knife set. This must have been the knife set Mickey Mouse used to cut his bread so thin. The self-sharpening block keeps the knives sharper than my grandfather’s wit.” Others agreed, with comments like “these cut effortlessly,” “the knives seem to get sharper with each use,” and finally, “I almost never give anything 5 stars as I think most things can be improved upon. I am totally happy with these knives. Worth the money, in my opinion.”

Best kitchen knife set with stainless-steel steak knives

Chicago Cutlery Fusion 18-Piece Block Set

Home cooks loved how “super SHARP” these knives are, with many of them warning to be careful of injury. One wrote, “If you have old dull knives and buy these, be prepared because you will probably cut yourself.” They continue, “I bought one set for my mother-in-law (she loves them) and she cut herself the day she got them. Even though I knew that, I bought them and did the same. I just didn’t expect it to whip through an apple like the apple wasn’t even there. They are fabulously sharp and cut down my prep time significantly.” They also earned points among reviewers for their rubberized grip handles — “My hands are often wet during cooking and these just feel more secure in my hand,” explains one reviewer — and for performing “as well or better as the very expensive ones,” as one reviewer writes. Another satisfied customer noted that “now whenever I chop veggies, I feel like I’m on Top Chef or Chopped.”

Best all-stainless-steel knife set

Cuisinart C77SS-15PK 15-Piece Stainless Steel Hollow Handle Block Set

This stainless steel set is super-sharp, as one reviewer writes, “I can only cut with one hand and these bad boys slice through tomatoes like nobody’s business. One handed cutter’s dream!!” They’re also very sturdy, thanks to their one-piece stainless-steel construction, which one reviewer explains “assures you of no break away of the blade from the handle as we have experienced with past knife sets,” calling these a “rock steady set of knives.” Despite the stainless-steel material, they’re not heavy, as one reviewer (echoing the sentiments of many others) says, “Functionally, these knives are quite light despite being 100% stainless steel — a fact I attribute to the hollow handles.”

Best stainless-steel knife set with in-block sharpener

Chicago Cutlery 18-Piece Insignia Steel Knife Set with Block and In-Block Sharpener

Reviewers were shocked by how sharp these knives were, raving that they can cut “meat, fruits, veggies, cheese, and bread with ease. First test was a piece of paper with a few different knives and wow, razor sharp!” Another satisfied customer notes, “These knives worked like razor blades. My wife prepared a watermelon with it and ended up cutting the entire thing into 2-inch cubes, just because the knife cut so well.” And the built-in sharpener is another bonus, with one reviewer calling it a “seldom seen feature, and it is actually really useful and works well.” “It really works,” notes another, saying, “Just drop a knife in, make a few pulls up and down, and the knife is sharp again.”

Best 3-piece chef’s knife set

Victorinox Cutlery 3-Piece Chef's Set, Black Fibrox Handles

Customers looking for a smaller, more curated knife set loved this collection, with descriptions like, “the sharpest, best quality knives we have ever had the pleasure of using.” This happy reviewer continues, “Especially considering the fantastic price of these knives, we couldn’t be happier. We didn’t want a big block of knives as typically most knives in a block are rarely used. We use each of these knives regularly, especially the bread and chef’s knives.” Dozens of others echoed the value for the price, with one saying, “Don’t let the price fool you. These are high quality knives. The blades are very sharp and hold an edge well. The grips are comfortable and secure, even when wet.” This experienced chopper continues, “They are lighter than the Henkels I used for over twenty years, and that took a little adjustment, but that also leads to less fatigue over long use.”

Best stainless-steel knife set with sheath covers

ZYLISS 6 Piece Kitchen Knife Set with Sheath Covers, Stainless Steel

This beginner-friendly set is “a perfect knife for anyone who wants to start cooking for themselves, but isn’t a pro and not ready to invest in one of those reality kitchen knives that cost $100 or more,” wrote one reviewer. Their sentiments are echoed by many other reviewers, like one who writes, “If all your cooking for is one or two people, then you don’t need something that can slice through a tin can in 2 seconds anyway. That’s too much knife for too little a job. So, for the price, the Zyliss is probably the best value you can get for something that approaches a serious chef’s knife.” Reviewers love that these knives are easy to use. As one says, “The light weight is nice and the shape of the handle keeps my hands from cramping when I’m chopping a large batch of sturdy veggies. The chef knife style blade is deep enough that I don’t have to worry about smooshing my knuckles into the cutting board, either.”

Best resin knife set with sheath covers

Farberware 12-Piece Resin Knife Set

Across the many positive reviews, customers love that this set is easy to store in drawers, like one who writes, “I bought them to use in my office. I love that they have covers on them so I don’t feel weird putting them in my desk drawer!” Many find the blades are sharper than expected: “Cutting up food is a pleasure instead of a battle.” Others were drawn to the bright colors, like one who writes, “I like getting bright colored things to use in my kitchen, I think it makes cooking more fun.” But not wanting to sacrifice quality, “I was hesitant to buy these because they looked like kids toys and I wanted real, quality knives. After reading the reviews I took a chance and I’m SO HAPPY I did! These knives are fantastic! Beautiful and sharp.” Or, as another writes, “The bright colors may be deceiving, these are some serious knives! Unbeatable for the price.”

Best ceramic-coated knife set with sheath covers

Cuisinart C55-12PCKSAM 12 Piece Color Knife Set with Blade Guards

“Sharpest knife I’ve ever had in my house,” says one reviewer. “Cuts great and the ceramic coating makes sure nothing sticks to them, which makes them easy to clean.” And many other reviewers like the ceramic coating on these stainless-steel blades, like one who says, “This was my first set of ceramic coated knives. I will never go back to regular steel. These are great.” The bright colors are another bonus, according to some reviewers. “These knives have gorgeous colors, and they WORK,” one says, admitting their old roommate influenced to get this set. “I was thrilled to see this set because I actually like these colors more personally. The sheaths are a wonderful addition to keep them sharp but I particularly like them because our knife drawer is just that much safer to reach into in a hurry.” Another reviewer says, “The color is so nice. It doesn’t peel and it’s so great to be able to identify my utensils among all my roommate’s stuff!”

Best stainless-steel knife set with textured handles

Chef Essential 6 Piece Knife Set With Matching Sheaths, Black

With five different color options, including red, blue, green, and multicolored, this eye-catching set is a favorite among reviewers on the hunt for a good-looking kitchen knife set. As one explains, “At first I thought the colors would bother me but I love them. It makes it easier to know which one to use.” Reviewers praise the effective design of the textured handles and blades, with comments like, “The grips feel great when you are using them …My husband and I both have minor joint pain issues, which using these knives does not aggravate compared to other knives and utensils.” Another writes, “These have to be the best knives I have purchased in a very long time. Ergonomic, soft, supple and easy to hold and grip. These prove to be extremely sharp and just the right sizes to get the job done in the kitchen.” One reviewer says, “Just wow. I cook a LOT. And know good knives. My plan is eventually to really lay some cash down for serious knives … I am shocked at how happy I am with these knives … And friends have complimented their appearance so that’s cool too (although not anywhere near the top of my list of attributes).”

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The 15 Best Knife Sets on Amazon, According to Reviewers