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The Best Tower Fans on Amazon, According to Hyperenthusiastic Reviewers

Photo: Amazon

We’ve written about lots of fans — including ceiling fans, desk fans, and cooling floor fans — here, we’ve rounded up the best tower fans as praised by the most enthusiastic reviewers on Amazon.

Best-rated tower fan


With more than 3,000 five-star reviews, this tower fan from Lasko is often described as powerful, even when cooling down large spaces. “Southern California summers are hot. But within 10 minutes of turning this on the living room significantly cooled down,” writes one reviewer, adding, “I don’t know how this is possible considering that it’s a fan and not air-conditioning, but it does. Frankly, I don’t care if it’s voodoo. It works.” That might be due to the oscillation, which doesn’t have “any issues with squeaking or clicking like other fans,” according to one reviewer. And more than 25 percent of users comment on how quiet the fan can be: “I can’t even hear the Lasko from more than 10 feet away.” It’s also tall enough to “reach us on the bed.” And best of all, according to one not-so-handy reviewer, “I was able to assemble this within 15 minutes AND without crying.”

Best tower fan with multiple settings

Honeywell Quietset 8-Speed Whole-Room Tower Fan

“Bless your living space with this fan,” writes one reviewer, who goes on to call it “everything you could ever need in a fan. The low setting is actually low for when you don’t want to be freezing in 10 minutes, and there’s a perfect setting for any temp with eight speeds.” The wide range of speeds means reviewers can easily control how much air is being moved around and how loud it is, too. “VERY quiet at lower speeds, yet still not as loud as the old nine inch diameter fans were at the highest speed,” one reviewer writes. In fact, nearly 40 percent of reviewers describe this fan as quiet, “even at top speed.” The noise, or lack thereof, combined with the ability to dim or completely turn off the blue LED light, makes this a great fan for the bedroom. “It even has a timer if you want to fall asleep with a nice breeze.”

Best tower fan with breeze mode

“I live by the beach and the air is humid, but this fan does a great job cooling the house,” says one reviewer, and the nearly 65 percent of five-star reviewers agree that this tower fan is especially effective. Another reviewer, who lives in an apartment with no air conditioner, calls it a “true life saver. Every night i blast this bad boy right at my face (that’s the part of my body that gets the hottest), and every night I have a cool satisfying sleep.” It’s also got a “breeze mode,” which “literally makes any room feel like you’re outside, picking up speed and slowing down in bursts just like the wind,” according to one reviewer. Another appreciates that the “air flow feels almost like an outdoor breeze instead of forced air.”

Best tall tower fan

“Holy s**t. This thing is almost as tall as me,” but that’s not a bad thing, according to one reviewer. “What I like about the fan is that it puts the air circulation where you want it: on your upper body, not your feet; across the bed, not the floor,” one explains. Another says, “My face and upper body can feel the cool, and it makes a world of difference.” Even though it’s tall, it’s still got a slim profile, “which means we’re not always bumping into it or tripping over the base,” writes one reviewer. It also doubles as a white-noise machine, which helps reviewers using it in the bedroom and trying to drown out sounds. “In our New York apartment, the ‘white noise’ lessens the traffic sound, but it’s not so loud that it’s distracting when we have company or are watching TV,” one says. “The low setting is a gentle breeze that circulates the air but doesn’t blow you away, and the trim styling keeps the fan from dominating the room.” It also comes with a remote which one user says “is such a wonderful luxury.”

Best wide-turning oscillating tower fan

Lasko Oscillating Tower Fan 2510

Though most of the tower fans on this list oscillate, this one has an especially wide turning radius, which is appreciated by many. “Some fans don’t have a good turn radius but this one is perfect,” says one, and even with that range, “the rotation is silent the only thing you hear is the air from the fan.” But the fan itself isn’t too loud, either: “On the highest speed, it does make a noise, but it’s not loud or annoying at all. You can only hear it if the rest of the room is completely silent. When it’s on the other two levels, there is no noise at all.” Reviewers also say it’s a great size for small to midsize rooms, like one who says, “It pushes the heat all over our open area of 900 square feet.”

Best safe tower fan

Pelonis Quiet Oscillating Tower Fan, 36-inch Glossy Black

A big selling point for reviewers is that this fan features a tight grid so little fingers can’t get in, making it kid-friendly. “The wind speed of this fan is very mild and comfortable, especially suitable for children at home to use, safe and not danger for kid to touch,” one wriets. It also
automatically shuts off when it overheats, so kids (or adults) can’t get burned either. One says, “I love tower fans because it is safe for who has children at home. It won’t hurt anyone when u touch it.” But just because it’s safe doesn’t mean it it isn’t powerful. Reviewers are not only impressed with the force at which this tower fan pumps out air but with the quality of air, too. “It actually feels like the air it pushes out is colder than the room temperature air,” one writes. Another says, “The cool air that circulates feels like a fresh outdoor breeze.” They continue, “The fan produces a moist gush of air, not dry like most standard fans.”

Best miniature tower fan

Opolar Mini Oscillating Tower Fan

Though tower fans most often sit on the floor, this 14-inch one is better suited for desks and tabletops. “Its low profile looks nice in my office, it’s quiet but powerful plus with it being small and lightweight it’s easy to take home too,” one reviewer writes. But it’s also a nice size for bedside tables and bathrooms, since it provides “not too much air, but keeps you cool.” Unlike other tower fans on this list, this one from Opolar only has four settings, so it’s not the most powerful. But it does a good job of providing a “nice little breeze.”