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The Best Ant Killers on Amazon, According to Hyperenthusiastic Reviewers

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Here at the Strategist, we like to think of ourselves as crazy (in the good way) about the stuff we buy, but as much as we’d like to, we can’t try everything. Which is why we have People’s Choice, in which we find the best-reviewed products and single out the most convincing ones. (You can learn more about our rating system and how we pick each item here.)

And while we’ve written about lots of bug repellents and killers before — including the most effective tick repellent, the best mosquito repellents, and the best bug zappers— here, we’ve rounded up the best ant killer, as praised by the most enthusiastic reviewers on Amazon.

Best-rated ant killer

Terro Liquid Ant Baits

Over 4,000 reviewers gave a five-star rating to this liquid ant bait, many of whom were enthusiastic that it actually rid them of pesky ants. “I deployed the Terro liquid ant baits on a Saturday night. Every time I glanced at the ants marching to and fro from the trap, I thought of how doomed their food scavenging mission was. Yes, I was the evil super villain that was destined to eradicate their entire colony,” one customer writes, adding, “By Tuesday, there were no more ants.” Another similarly enthused reviewer calls this ant bait “ridiculously effective,” explaining, “I bought some, opened up three of the six packs on Ant Bait, and within minutes, yes minutes, the ants were literally coming out of the woodwork to get to this stuff. Within two days, not a single ant survived.” A third reviewer bought this bait after “alien-like black carpenter ants” infested their apartment, and the ants haven’t come back since her first use: “About a half an hour later, I got up to check them and they were swarmed with ants. After the initial feeding frenzy (about 12-24 hours), smaller groups of ants came and went over the next few days before eventually dwindling to nothing. They never came back. I really think we took out the whole colony.”

Best-rated (less expensive) ant killer

TERRO T200 Liquid Ant Killer ll

“I like the clear drops best because it gives me the flexibility to put the bait right in the middle of an active ant trail,” explains one practical reviewer of this liquid ant killer. Most customers mention that they used this indoors, but one used this “both inside and outside,” noting that that method really works. “I put a couple squares of this down and dripped some of the stuff on it. Within 30 minutes there were rings of the little black spawns of Satan drinking it down while I laughed and danced around their impending demise.” One customer says it wasn’t until he tried this Terro ant killer that he was freed from his ant infestation, explaining, “When I came back hours later, sure enough, the buggers were surrounding the thing, dunking their heads in it like fools. Literally hundreds of them, where up until now the bathroom had seen only a dozen at one time. And sure enough, as the days went by and those gullible ants gave the poison to their nest, the numbers dwindled until there was nothing left. I hope there was chaos and anarchy when the queen died, and I hope their civilization went down in flames.”

And now for some micro-picks for every type of ant killer you might be looking for.

Best ant killer for infestations

Terro 1806 Outdoor Liquid Ant Baits

Reviewers of this ant bait lament over how challenging it is to deplete an ant infestation — before citing this ant killer as the solution to their problem. One gloats that they “went from having a massive ant infestation every spring to seeing no ants at all,” adding that his secret is “these baits placed around the house foundation early every April. No kidding, from armies of ants in the house to no ants. Zip, zero, zilch.” Another customer thinks this bait is “worth every freakin’ penny,” noting that the next day he had no ants in his house. “I could not believe it. I believe in this stuff more than I believe that rice is white.” And one more five-star reviewer has a slightly more dramatic interpretation of how well this ant bait takes out large infestations: “Any invasions are as ubiquitous in Los Angeles as aspiring actors. If you put bait traps inside, good luck to you, Sir. What you will have accomplished is inviting every goddamn ant and all of its cousins in the Western Hemisphere to come dine at the trough of plenty. Instead, you need this Terro Outdoor Bait. Put it outside in the invasion line. Marvel at how many ants appear like they have a free coupon to eat at Nobu.”

Best indoor ant killer

Combat Indoor and Outdoor Ant Killing Gel

“This thing works like a miracle,” rejoices one reviewer who used this indoor ant killer in her kitchen. “Within an hour there were hundreds (without exaggeration) of ants who came out of nowhere eating the gel like there’s no tomorrow.” Another reviewer didn’t mind ants until she had an infestation, then her “sympathy gave way to rage” and she used this inexpensive option to kill them: “I was ready to pay $550 to a local pest company to eradicate the nest once and for all. I had tried everything. But $550 is a lot of money, and I decided to ‘throw away’ $10 to try Combat Max so I knew I really had exhausted all pre-$550 options. OMG, it worked in less than a week.” Another reviewer recalls a similarly life-changing experience with this ant killer: “At first it’s like wow, swarms of ants will start collecting to eat but be patient, drink some wine, watch a movie or go to sleep because when you wake up no ant will be found at all. Forget ant baits, liquid baits, or vacuuming them into your Dyson for an ant party, this gel will show the ants that you mean business. And by mean business, I mean kill all of them and make you feel like Iron Man.”

Best professional-grade ant killer

Syngenta Optigard Ant Gel Bait

People with serious ant infestations called upon professionals to help kill the population, and many learned that most exterminators actually use this ant bait. One reviewer admits he “tried everything to wipe the planet, or at least our house, of those pesky little ants,” but eventually called in an exterminator, writing, “After walking around and scratching (himself) for a bit, he told me he had it under control and would be applying their exclusive (and guaranteed) ant solution. I wanted to see what his trick was. His trick? This stuff. This stuff is magic.” Another reviewer who brought in a “high dollar exterminator” to rid them of their “ghost and carpenter ant infestation,” says, “This is the stuff he used to wipe out the ant problem,” and adds, “Less than three hours after the ants swarmed the bait, they were gone.” Another customer thinks she may have even outdone the professionals, writing, “I can’t wait for my pest control company to come every other month, so I took the situation into my own hands and began using this bait, which by the way, is the same bait my pest control company uses. My only advice to you is this: you must be patient. I found it took about 3 weeks.”

Best bait stake ant killer

Terro Outdoor Liquid Ant Killer Bait Stakes

“When I say I’m at war with the ants in my yard, I mean I wake up thinking about my attack strategy in the morning,” writes one reviewer who’s apparently ready for battle. “I put these things out since I didn’t really want to mess with any chemicals at home and the all natural stuff was getting me nowhere. I put them out and within a week I could see a difference in activity. Within three months they were all gone.” Another reviewer, who was “frustrated with those crappy plastic ant traps that don’t seem to do anything,” confirms these stakes actually make a difference, writing, “They do attract ants in a big way for a couple weeks but then no more ants. I should be locked up for the ant genocide I just committed in my backyard. I feel so evil and it’s great.” Another bought them for her mother and admits, “We saw an increase of ant activity in the house for the first few days after I put out the stakes, and then, poof. Gone.” She concludes, “I can’t speak to their effectiveness for other types of ants, but for the indefatigable, year-round, nuisance house-ants of the Pacific Northwest, these stakes can’t be beat.”

Best granule ant killer

Amdro Ant Block Home Perimeter Ant Bait Granules

“All I can say is wow,” exclaims one customer whose apartment was once infested with ants. “With nothing left to do but move, I tried this and have no ants.” Another gloats that he “kicked butt on the ants” when he used this, explaining, “I went outside, and there’s not an ant to be found. This Amdro insecticide is real good.” Many even think this is even more effective than most pest control services, including one who notes, “Holy anthill, Batman! Even though we just had the pest control service come out and treat for ants nine days ago, I found a small swarm of them coming into the kitchen again. I decided to try Amdro Ant Block this year. Well, four hours later I saw many fewer ants, and eight hours later I have not seen one ant at all. This is stuff is gold and am thinking maybe I should fire that pest control service.” And another reviewer says that this stuff is reliable, even after the first infestation. They “have been using Amdro ant bait for years and it has never failed,” and assure the reader, “Rare that we have needed to apply more than once.”

Best ant killer for fire ants

Ortho Orthene Fire Ant Killer
$25 for 2

“I’ve been fighting fire ants for years. Finally a solution,” writes one relieved customer. “I spread this on active mounds when cutting grass and after a couple of weeks the ants are gone. Probably over 200 mounds appear to be dead.” Many write that they declared “war” on the fire ants and lots think they won after using this ant killer, including one who writes, “I moved to South Carolina from New York and no one warned me about fire ants. Made the ants acquaintance as we were unloading the moving truck. After being bitten several times, it was war. This bait attracts them because it’s food they like, they grab it and bring it home to feed big mama queen ant, each other and the babies. Result? Dead colony.” A few customers do note that this stuff has a very strong smell, but as one reviewer notes, “The worst thing about it is the smell-like something rotting, but I hate fire ants so I’ll take the smell any day.”

Best barrier ant killer

Taurus SC 20oz

Many reviewers like this ant killer because it creates a barrier around your house, repelling and simultaneously killing any ant that comes near. One reviewer thoroughly explains why this ant killer works for those not confident where the source of their ants is: “The long lasting residual will stick to the insects that come in contact later and be transferred to others in the colony or hiding spaces. By killing slowly it kills more thoroughly than contact killers. One of the best overall insect killers available at a great price.” Another customer says that they “used this for a barrier for the terrible ant problem I had and it worked better than anything I’ve used before.” One more reviewer “had terrible problems with ants in the house,” describing the problem as “ant infestations of biblical proportions,” but, they continue, “Since using Taurus SC as a barrier for ants I’ve had no more infestations. With a little care, this product is a great means of keeping your home safe from termites and ants.”

Best ant killer spray

“Kills bugs dead,” rejoices one content customer, adding, “Been using this for many years in this house and in my old abode. Just spray it once a year and it just keeps out ants, crawlies and other matter of buggies.” Another mentions that this also “protects against and even kills fire ants.” Many more reviewers note that they only have to use it once each year and that it protects against ants for the whole year, but one admits they have a relatively large ant issue, so they spray more often: “Oh my God, finally a product which actually works like wonder. This actually keeps bugs out of the house. I use it once or twice a month.” One describes her experience with ants to a “horror film” because as she notes, “Every time I killed one 5 or 6 more came out,” but after using this, she hasn’t had a problem, explaining, “I sprayed it and left it to dry, it’s been one and a half weeks so far and no ants. It left no smell or trace that it was ever sprayed, the wall is cream colored and the window frame and blinds are bright white. I am very pleased.”

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The Best Ant Killers on Amazon, According to Reviewers