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The Best Paper Shredders on Amazon, According to Hyperenthusiastic Reviewers

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We’ve written about lots of office supplies — including home office essentials, school-from-home essentials, and an ergonomic seat cushion — and here, we’ve rounded up the best paper shredders, as praised by the most enthusiastic reviewers on Amazon.

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Best-rated paper shredder

“Ya, I know what you’re thinking. What lame-o is looking forward to buying a paper shredder. This guy right here,” writes one shredder, who says this one works like a dream. “It chomped down everything I threw into its bottomless shredder mouth.” And more than 7,000 other reviewers give this shredder five stars, with many calling out the large capacity. “This shredder model just handled a 45-pound 4 day shredding party and handled it exceptionally well,” one says. “I expected catastrophic failure like overheating, jams…NONE OF THOSE THINGS HAPPENED.”

Customers also vouch for the security of this shredder: The crosscut makes paper “unreadable,” according to one user, and it’s powerful enough to do credit cards, too. However, the advertised shred volume for this machine is six sheets and the reviewers warn not to push it. “If you put more than 6 pages, the motor bogs down but will slowly chew through it — I’ve done that a few times where it just stopped,” one says, but luckily, “there is a reverse switch to unclog it if you get overzealous in your shredding.”

Best-rated (less expensive) paper shredder

Aurora Desktop-Style Cross-Cut Paper Shredder

This compact desktop shredder wins praise from many fans with personal shredding needs, or, as one reviewer explains, “I refuse to spend a fortune on a shredder when all I need it for is credit card junk mail and relatively few banking [or] confidential documents.” And this desktop-style paper shredder is ideal for just that purpose. “If you’re looking for a small shredder for light use, this one is well-made and fits perfectly on the corner of a desk. The key words are small and light use,” one writes. Dozens of reviewers find it to be a great bargain, perfect for everyday junk mail: “I have used it to shred whole pieces of mail without even opening them and credit cards. It was able to handle both without any trouble … The price-to-value-ratio can’t be beat.” Others love its compact size, like one who says, “I prefer the small size because I find the big shredders hideous. This I can hide away and bring out when I need it.”

Best no-basket paper shredder

Aurora AU800SD Professional Strip Cut Paper Shredder

“I’ve been using this to shred about 15 years worth of documents and I’ve got to say, it’s quality, the amount of sheets it can tackle at once, it’s constant availableness and super importantly the main two features that really make it stand out are the reverse feature and, so excellent, the self regulating heat feature which turns it off if it’s getting overheated so you don’t kill it,” says one reviewer. On top of all this, this shredder can be used with any size trash can — including extra-large options — thanks to the binless design. Plus, one reviewer says, “This is the only one I have found that has the adjustable arm to fit any can AND has a credit card shredder.” And if you think this isn’t as heavy duty as some shredders with a bin, one reviewer writes, “I expected it to shut off after 20 minutes, but I used it up to 3 hours at a time just fine.”

Best micro-cut paper shredder

This micro-cut paper shredder is a favorite among reviewers with low-volume needs, but who value privacy, like one who writes, “I finally broke down and got a shredder, after much research. Since I am single, I kept putting this off, thinking I couldn’t justify the substantial purchase for just myself. I thought that I didn’t generate enough papers to need one.” Other reviewers found more creative uses for the tiny, shredded pieces. For example, one says, “My grandson likes it when I shred a few pages of colored paper and play ‘parade.’ I let him throw (and pick up) the confetti. Hours of entertainment for under a buck!” Another, a gardener, finds the extra-small size of the micro-cut paper shreds convenient because “all my shredded material gets used as mulch.”

Best strip-cut paper shredder

Reviewers were amazed by the strength of this machine, even after putting it to the test, like one who “crunched through about 500 CDs [and] DVDs and several hundred papers,” and found “It is still working like it did on day one.” Another satisfied customer said, “Amazon should call Shredder Protective Services on me because I was very mean to this machine and it did not let me down. I shredded three months of daily newspapers to make shred for boxes. I separated each section but once folded [it] was the thickness of 8 pages. I had this thing going for an hour straight…I was careful to feed the paper in correctly but there were times when it became a crumpled mess as it fed through … Only once or twice did it stop. Yet a quick push of the feed button, and it finished.”

And the advantage of the strip-cut, according to reviewers, is that it’s less messy than its crosscut cousins. “What’s not to like. I’m not the NSA or the CIA so I don’t need anything more than a strip-cut shredder, and crosscut shredders are a true pain; lots of paper dust and fly-away shreds,” writes one reviewer, who adds, “It even looks good, nice shiny finish, and shiny is one of human civilization’s few triumphs.”