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The Best Digital Picture Frames on Amazon, According to Hyperenthusiastic Reviewers

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Here at the Strategist, we like to think of ourselves as crazy (in the good way) about the stuff we buy (like pillows), but as much as we’d like to, we can’t try everything. Which is why we have People’s Choice, in which we find the best-reviewed products and single out the most convincing ones. While we’ve written before about the best digital cameras, gifts for photographers, and an excellent affordable tripod, here we’ve rounded up the best digital picture frames you can buy on Amazon for displaying all of your photos. (Note that reviews have been edited for length and clarity.)

Best connected digital picture frame

Aura 9.7” Frame in Quartz

“This frame has changed my perception of what I thought a digital frame truly was. It is crazy to think that a tech appliance can have such a profound impact on your life, but it has helped my family deal with the grief of losing my mother so suddenly. My brother, dad, and I all live in different parts of the world and it was this frame that helped us feel so connected to the past and what was presently happening in our lives. The app that the frame comes with makes its so easy to share photos we had of my mum. Dad (who isn’t exactly a tech whiz) would find photos of mum in old photo albums, add them to the app, and then all of a sudden I would be sitting at breakfast, look at the frame, and there is a beautiful photo of my mum that I had never seen before, staring back at me. Conversely, being thousands of miles away from my dad, it is nice for him to see pictures of what my husband and I are doing in New York, and I like to surprise him every now and then with photos of my daily life. As you can tell, I cannot emphasize enough how incredible this is for keeping a family connected — even when you are a few or a thousand miles away. Can’t recommend this product enough!”

Best email-enabled digital picture frames

Skylight Frame 10-inch WiFi Digital Picture Frame

“I bought this for my 91-year-old mother. I am far away and even though we have a very large extended family, she was feeling left out. You know, lives get busy. My siblings, cousins, nieces and nephews were thrilled. I sent out the email I created for her and the pictures started pouring in. So easy to set up that she doesn’t have to be tech-savvy to use it. She burst into tears. Those were happy tears, I might add. Thank you so very much. I have ten grandchildren myself, so am thinking I will get one for our home.”

Pixal Pix-Star 15-Inch WiFi Cloud Digital Photo Frame

“I bought this frame as an early Father’s Day gift for my dad, who is going to be 81 this year. In less than 20 minutes, we had the frame set up and connected, and he was emailing himself his favorite photos off his iPhone. He loved seeing his favorites on the big screen of this frame. When he realized he could type ‘captions’ by describing the photo in the subject line of each email, he was thrilled. Next, I texted all my siblings and a few grandkids and they started sending him photos right away. He loved it. We spent some time changing the transitions and intervals, and he learned how to look at older photos that we put on an SD card. I so often give him gifts that just don’t quite work out (too techie for him or not quite what he would want). But this frame was PERFECT.”

Best digital picture frame with wooden frame

NIX Lux 13.3-inch Digital Picture Frame with Wood Frame

“I LOVE this digital photo display. It is exactly what I wanted. I did a lot of research before choosing this frame. You can choose to have it auto-rotate your pictures, so none of them show sideways. Pictures that are square do not stretch, so they do not look distorted. The pictures are clear, even ones that aren’t the greatest resolution. It plays video with sound. You can choose to play videos without sound. You have the option to show your pictures in random order or chronologically”

Best digital picture frame with USB storage

NIX Advance 10-Inch Widescreen Digital Photo & HD Video Frame

“I wasn’t looking for a digital frame with its own email address or a frame that was going to call me to remind me to go on another vacation. I wanted superb picture quality, and I needed a frame that would recognize portrait orientation and adjust accordingly. My old frame cut off the tops on all portrait pictures. Well, this frame has better picture quality than I could have imagined, was a breeze to set up, and does adjust portrait pictures to display the entire image. It sits on my desk at work, and I am blown away by things I’ve never seen in some of these pictures. I usually only write reviews on products I hate, which tells you how much I love this frame.”

Best digital picture frame with Alexa integration

Nixplay Seed 10-Inch WiFi Cloud Digital Photo Frame

“I bought this as a Christmas gift for my 70-year-old parents. They absolutely love it. We assisted them in setting it up and linking it to their Wi-Fi. They are able to give the app and account information to their three kids and ten grandkids, and everyone can send pics whenever they want. The screen shows a text saying you have a new photo added, so they know if one of us has sent something new. My son recently traveled to visit his cousin (one of their other grandkids) and the two of them were able to send their grandparents pics of their time together. The best thing about this frame is that, once it’s set up, it can basically be hands-off for the person who has it. I think it’s a great gift for anyone, but it’s especially good for those who may be less tech-savvy.”

Best digital picture frame under $100

Micca NEO 10-Inch Digital Photo Frame With 8 GB Storage

“Micca team: If I could give this ten stars, I would. This photo frame has completely exceeded my expectations. I bought this for my 98-year-old mom, then had the family submit pictures for the photo frame. So far I’ve loaded almost 300 photos. Instructions and setup were super easy (even I couldn’t mess it up!). I’ve had absolutely no problem with photo orientation — the photo frame automatically displays each photo in its proper orientation, and in great quality. I love all of the options — timed, automatic powering on and off; how long I want each picture to be displayed; the types of transitions from picture to picture; how I want the photos portrayed (automatic vs. optimal — I chose automatic). I am extremely pleased and now have to buy one for myself. This is one cool product! Thank you!”

Best metallic digital picture frame

Nixplay Iris 8-Inch Wi-Fi Cloud Frame

“This is actually my second Nixplay frame, the first one I bought for my desk at work and was thinking of getting a second to give to my parents so we can send them pictures of their granddaughter. The frame itself looks great, it’s a copper look; solid, not cheap-feeling, and the screen isn’t overpowering like some digital frames. All in all, the package just looks great. The frame has some nice features, like sound activation and light sensors to turn the frame on and adjust it as needed automatically. I love walking into my office and having the frame pop on, showing me my recent pics. It’s a great feature and my folks will love this when they get it. At the end of the day, it’s a great frame and I highly recommend it. Very easy to set up, and the fact that I can administer the photo album via the website or the app on my phone is slick. I really like this.”

Best touchscreen digital picture frame

PhotoSpring (16 GB) 10-Inch Digital Picture Frame

“Super easy setup and the picture quality is great! We got this for my dad for Christmas and setting it up couldn’t have been easier. Best thing is, instead of having to make or update an SD card, I just upload new photos through the app. I especially love how you can use it as a touchscreen and go through the pictures at your own pace, much like a tablet. The quality of the pictures is really nice. A lot of these digital photo frames tend to look grainy or far too bright, but this is just like looking at pictures on an iPad. This is a great gift for anyone … yourself included.”

Best digital picture frame with social-media integration

Nixplay Original 15-Inch WiFi Cloud Digital Photo Frame

“Husband loves his new toy! Great price and quality. We love that we can use his Android phone or my iPhone’s app to upload photos from anywhere. I especially enjoy the ability to upload from Instagram, since I can filter those pictures and they are more visually pleasing on this larger digital frame. Easy to use. Arrived well-packaged and quickly. Would buy again.”

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The Best Digital Picture Frames on Amazon