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The Best Comforters on Amazon, According to Hyperenthusiastic Reviewers

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Here at the Strategist, we like to think of ourselves as crazy (in the good way) about the stuff we buy, but as much as we’d like to, we can’t try everything. Which is why we have People’s Choice, in which we find the best-reviewed products and single out the most convincing ones. (You can learn more about our rating system and how we pick each item here.)

And while we’ve covered everything from mattresses and mattress toppers to linen sheets and duvet covers, here, we’ve rounded up the best comforters as praised by the most enthusiastic reviewers on Amazon.

Best-rated comforter

Linenspa All-Season White Down Alternative Quilted Comforter

In thousands of five-star reviews, reviewers mention again and again how impressed they are by the warmth and softness of this reasonably priced, lightweight comforter. One calls it “soft, fluffy, and warm (but not too warm),” and another says “it’s very light, yet still provides enough warmth that I’m only using this with a flat sheet.” Others also like the comforter’s streamlined appearance: “It looks very nice on my bed, regardless of what sheets I use,” says one reviewer, and another says it “looks very sleek.”

Best of all, reviewers say this comforter helps them sleep more comfortably. One who normally sleeps hot raves, “For the first time in…um…EVER I slept through the night with my feet UNDER the blanket all night….It was PERFECT. It wasn’t hot, it wasn’t cold, it was the perfect weight and perfect temperature thus not making me feel trapped.” Reviewers also note that it’s easy to clean and stands up well to machine washing and drying, like this one who says, “after a single wash cycle and a trip to the dryer, it was even softer and fluffier that before, and there was not a single clumpy spot.”

Best-rated (less expensive) comforter

Utopia Bedding Comforter Duvet Insert

One reviewer says the very low price of this comforter “almost scared me away” as she thought it’d be poorly made, but she ended up loving it: “It’s surprisingly light, crisp, and fluffy. Hands down the best ‘feel’ I’ve had in years. It’s also a true bright white which I can appreciate as the rest of my bedding is all bright white. This is just a steal!” Another reviewer agrees that it’s “very well made. The stitching quality is good, the shell fabric seems perfect for the job, and the filling is uniformly distributed and stable — no thin spots … very pleasant to sleep under.”

And now for some micro picks for every type of comforter you might be looking for.

Best ecofriendly down alternative comforter

Buffy Comforter

When Strategist writer Lori Keong tested out this comforter from the bedding startup Buffy, she said, “the Buffy really does feel like sleeping under a pile of cotton candy,” and Amazon reviewers found it just as delightful. One writes, “Buffy keeps me cool when it’s hot in my room, and warm when it’s too cold. This is simply the best comforter I’ve ever owned. Hands down,” and another says it’s “the most comfortable, soft, and light comforter I have ever experienced. My husband and I sleep like babies ever since we got it.” This reviewer loves it so much that they write, “it’s like I’m drowning in clouds and I don’t even mind.”

Best lightweight down alternative comforter

Amrapur Overseas Goose Down Alternative Microfiber Quilted Reversible Comforter

“If you are a ‘human microwave’ like I am and radiate heat to uncomfortable levels under a normal comforter, this is one for you,” claims one reviewer, and lots of other sweaty sleepers agree that this lightweight comforter keeps them from overheating at night. “It’s not so heavy that you will sweat to death during the summer but heavy enough to keep you warm during the winter,” writes a reviewer who finds it just warm enough without being too hot.

Best reversible down alternative comforter

Equinox All-Season Reversible Down Alternative Quilted Comforter

“The quality is what I would expect from a $300 comforter,” writes one reviewer of this down-alternative comforter. Many others agree that the comforter is a “steal,” a “bargain,” and “a good value for the price,” with another saying that they are “super impressed with the quality and comfort of this duvet.” It’s also “beautiful, super comfortable, and the perfect weight,” according to a satisfied customer, and another agrees, saying that it “Keeps me warm without weighing me down.” As for how it feels, reviewers love that it’s “soft, smooth, and cuddly,” “super super soft,” and so puffy that “it’s really like being under a cloud.” The fact that this down-alternative comforter is reversible is a bonus, as this satisfied customer writes, “It’s a perfect blend of softness and comfort. I love the fact that it’s reversible too.”

Best cloudlike comforter

Beckham Hotel Collection 1300 Series All Season Luxury Goose Down Alternative Comforter

As one reviewer says, “this bedspread literally is like sleeping on clouds,” and the analogy comes up a lot in the hundreds of five-star reviews for this puffy comforter. Reviewers say sleeping under it feels like “cuddling with a cloud,” “sleeping on the clouds of heaven,” and “being wrapped in a cloud made of angel kisses and fat puppies.” Besides the heavenly feel, reviewers also like that “the squared stitching keeps the fluff evenly spread out,” and “how warm it is without being too hot.”

Best goose-down comforter

Egyptian Bedding Luxurious 1200 Thread Count Goose Down Comforter

For those who prefer true down comforters, this luxurious option won’t disappoint. “It’s warmer than I could have hoped for (I like to be really warm when I sleep),” writes one reviewer, “and better made than any of my previous down comforters.” Another adds, “the weight of it helps me sleep and I was impressed by the quality of fabric and stitching.” Although it’s one of the pricier comforters on our list, it’s still a bargain for down. This reviewer says, “I looked and looked for the best priced goose down, and I went with this one because of the reviews and I can honestly say they were right!! My sister spent $800 on hers and she even said it was just as nice … she was so jealous!!!”

Best medium-weight comforter

Superior Down Alternative Comforter

“This is the softest, warmest, and somehow also coolest duvet I have ever had. It’s fluffy and luxurious, while also breathable,” raves one reviewer, and many more also find that it’s the perfect medium-weight comforter that’s neither too warm nor too cool. “It’s not too heavy to where you feel you can’t move around underneath it at night, yet still provides plenty of warmth for the midwest winter,” writes a satisfied customer. Another says, “I’ve been looking for a lovely, white, fluffy blanket for a long time and I’ve finally found the perfect one.”

Best machine-washable comforter

Lavish Comforters The Ultimate White Down Goose Alternative Comforter

In addition to being “SUPER soft, fluffy, lightweight, and a great quality product for the price,” and “like sleeping on a soft, fluffy cloud,” reviewers especially love that this comforter can go in the washing machine. This one exclaims, “Did I mention it’s MACHINE WASHABLE?! Perfect for families with kids. It keeps it’s light and fluffy texture even after several washes! Dries perfectly in the dryer!” Another adds, “I was so happy when I washed and dried it and the stuffing was still in place, none of it was balled into the corners like all my previous blankets.”

Best all-season comforter

Swift Home All-Season Extra Soft Luxurious Classic Light-Warmth Goose Down-Alternative Comforter

If you’re looking for a comforter that you can use all year round, this one gets praise from reviewers for staying cozy in both hot and cold temps. One reviewer says it’s “really soft and fluffy, and even though it’s lightweight it still keeps me warm,” and one likes that “it’s heavy enough to use in the winter but I can tell it will be lightweight and usable in the summer as well.” A very happy reviewer writes, “This is one of the best purchases I have ever made … it is a substantial thickness like comforters you were able to buy ‘in the olden days’ and it is soft and washes well.”

Best oversize king comforter

Gray Eagle Bedding Co. All Season Down Alternative Comforter, Super King

Lots of reviewers echo this buyer’s sentiment that “this comforter was the answer to a nightly struggle at our house! We have a king-size mattress but even with ‘oversized’ bedding, we would be fighting for covers all night. I found this comforter and decided to try it – and it is perfect!” Many reviewers found that it’s a truly oversized comforter, like this one who writes, “this comforter has restored all my hopes and dreams for bedding that actually feels and looks good! The quality is superb and it launders beautifully. The size is actually as advertised and for the first time our extra deep king mattress looks as luxurious as it feels.”

Best lightweight comforter with embossed shell

Natural Comfort White Down Alternative Comforter with Embossed Microfiber Shell

The subtle embossing on this comforter adds just enough texture to give it a unique look. “We like the way it looks so much that we’re using it without a duvet cover right now,” writes one reviewer. “It is sort of silky to the touch, and gives our bedroom a hotel look.” Another calls it “BEAUTIFUL. The seamwork is very sound, with a lovely piping around the edges; the fabric is an exceptionally soft tiny checkerboard weave (white on white, like damask but very soft and visible only up close in the light), with loops along the inner sides and corners to fasten onto a duvet cover.”

Best warm comforter

Chezmoi Collection Super Soft White Goose Down Alternative Comforter

Like this reviewer who writes, “I have found this comforter to be every bit as warm, if not warmer, than a goose down comforter,” others are impressed with how warm this comforter is while still feeling light and fluffy. “The filling fluffs up within the baffled squares and is warm and cozy,” writes one reviewer, “[it has] all the advantages of goose down without the allergy concerns.” Finally, another reviewer says, “we call it our ‘heater’ in the winter because we stay toasty warm under it and can turn the heat down at night.”

Best fleece-lined comforter

AmazonBasics Ultra-Soft Micromink Sherpa Comforter Bed Set

Customers rave about the feel of this comforter, which has micromink on one side and faux sherpa fleece on the other. “The fabric on both sides is incredibly soft and looks lovely on my bed,” one reviewer writes. Another agrees, writing, “The sherpa along with the microfleece is so soft and huggable, cozy and delightful.” Others describe it as “the softest comforter ever,” “so comfortable and fluffy,” “like sleeping in a cloud,” and “so warm, so soft, so cushy.” Reviewers also note how incredibly warm it is, like this one who says, “As soon as you enter the bed you are engulfed in warmth. There is no adjustment period where you have to transfer your body heat to the cold sheets or duvet cover. And as warm as you start off there is never a point where we wake up too hot.” As one reviewer concludes, “this comforter is the softest, most comfortable blanket I use, and it is also the warmest.”

Best hypoallergenic comforter

KingLinen White Down Alternative Comforter

Reviewers who are sensitive to down love that this comforter has “the look of down without the allergies.” Another reviewer writes, “my sneezing due to allergies has almost disappeared,” and says, “this may be the best duvet possible if you suffer from allergies or if you don’t care for real down.” Others also love that it “launders like a dream,” is “definitely hotel quality – extremely soft and fluffy,” and, according to one reviewer. “so good my husband didn’t realize it wasn’t Pottery Barn!”

Best summer-weight comforter

Royal Hotel Down-Alternative Comforter

A reviewer from Hawaii says “even though I’m wrapped up in [this comforter], I can still keep cool,” and it’s a hit among others from warm climates or just those looking for something lighter. This reviewer likes that it “keeps us nice and warm but not too hot in this crazy summer,” and another says “it’s not been too heavy in the heat of summer.” One reviewer advises, “if you’re looking for a duvet that’s ‘just right,’ breathable, and won’t turn you into a sweaty mess, then this is the duvet for you!”

Best printed comforter

Downluxe Lightweight Printed Comforter Set

Available in several different colorways, this reversible patterned comforter simplifies making the bed for those who don’t want to use a duvet cover. “The color is as vivid and pretty as it appears in the picture and matches my turquoise sheets perfectly,” writes one reviewer. “I love that it’s reversible when I want to change up the look without too much effort.” Others say it “looks way more expensive than the price,” and is “really comfortable!” A reviewer who bought the comforter for her daughter writes, “the value is unsurpassed by any other that I looked at and the quality is beyond my expectations. The diamond stitching is attractive and keeps the filling where it should be and the microfiber is warm and comfortable.”

Best comforter with pinch pleating

Comfy Bedding 3-Piece Pinch Pleat Comforter Set

“This is so beautiful. I love the pinch pleat look but didn’t want to spend a fortune. Based off style and price alone, you can’t beat this,” writes a reviewer. Others agree that the comforter is “super gorgeous” and “just so elegant,” with another shopper saying, “Looks like it cost a lot more money than it really did. Great quality for a great price.” It’s also “beyond comfortable,” “super soft and light-weight (but enough to keep you warm),” and “lays nicely on the bed.” At least one customer appreciates that it “has held up great through washings,” while another says, “I’ve washed and dried it at least twice since I’ve had it and there were no issues with the pleats coming undone.” As far as warmth goes, one customers says that “it keeps us warm without overheating.” As this shopper concludes, “I absolutely LOVE everything about this comforter! The feel, the color, and the quality. It even looked perfect right out of the bag without wrinkles.”

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The 18 Best Comforters on Amazon, According to Reviewers