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The Best Hiking Boots for Men, According to Hyperenthusiastic Reviewers

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While we’ve written about lots of shoes for men before — including the best dress shoes for men, the best UGGs for men, and one editor’s favorite men’s running shoes — here, we’ve rounded up the best hiking boots for men, as praised by the most enthusiastic reviewers on Amazon.

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Best-rated hiking boots for men

Timberland White Ledge Men’s Waterproof Boot
From $80

Over 2,000 reviewers describe these all-purpose hiking boots as “comfortable,” including one who calls them “the best I’ve ever worn.” Another reviewer calls these waterproof boots “a lifesaver” exclaiming, “Wow, my feet thank me.” One reviewer who has “hiked all over the world,” explains, “Sure, you can purchase some really nice expensive shoes that can do the job,” but he advises future customers to “go for the fit, not the brand, or model or what’s advertised as the best. This boot just felt good when you put it on. It’s light, and it feels durable.” Another reviewer says “they have excelled,” even after a year of all-seasons use. “For fall and spring, these are brilliant all around. For the various on and off trail, wet and dry, rocky and muddy, infinitely varied conditions, there are none these haven’t been comfortable for.” Many also appreciate the traction these boots give when hiking, like one reviewer who writes, “I’ve never had a slip or fall due to loss of traction with these boots. They will go wherever you need to go. I’ve worn them around town, hiking through streams and over rocks in the Colorado Rockies, day hikes on managed trails, tree climbing, lots of places. These boots will get you there.”

Best-rated (less expensive) hiking boots for men

“They are very inexpensive compared to other hiking boots, but so far, so good,” one reviewer writes of these Nortiv ankle boots. “I have worn them in wet weather, on hikes, yard work, walk the dogs, etc., and they are really comfortable.” Nearly 40 percent of reviewers also call these hiking boots comfortable, and many agree that they don’t need any break-in time. Even still, they wear well: “I’ve put 60+ miles and 20+ plus hours on these boots in the vast, steep, rocky and unforgiving mountains of Pennsylvania,” one reviewer writes. “I cannot say enough good things about these boots. Supportive, comfortable, sturdy and warm.” They’re also lightweight, which makes one reviewer say they are good for hiking in the summer months, too. But really, these boots are suitable for any condition. One reviewer wore these “through jungle trails, torrential rain and dry dusty dirt paths” during a motorcycle ride through Vietnam says “They took it all and even when they got wet inside from water coming over the top they were still as comfortable as can be expected.”

Best city-to-trail hiking boots

Skechers Men’s Relment Pelmo Chukka Waterproof Boot
From $64

Purchasers say these hiking boots are great for rain, snow and walking around, and many can’t believe the low price. “I hiked 16 miles the first time I wore them with no problems,” writes one. Another says, “Highly recommend these for someone who doesn’t want to spend an arm and a leg on winter boots, but also wants to have dry, warm feet.” And while the great price certainly comes up a lot, plenty of reviewers simply focus on how well these perform. Many say they’re great for wearing in the city, like one happy customer who talks about walking 50 miles in these, through “London’s rain and cold.” But they’re also more than equipped to handle serious hiking according to lots of reviewers who share their positive experiences testing these out on the trail. One writes, “Held up just great for a long trip that included hikes in the Galapagos and travels into the Amazon basin.” Another adds, “Boots arrived quickly and fit great. I hiked North Carolina mountain trails for six days. I didn’t have time to break them in and didn’t have to.”

Best waterproof hiking boots

Merrell Men’s Moab 2 Mid Waterproof Hiking Boot
From $108

“These things kick butt,” writes one happy customer, explaining, “I work in the rain a lot, and need something that can hold up to being rained on for like eight plus hours nonstop while stepping in water and all the rest. These things have gotten so wet I could swear they would let water through but they have not yet.” Another reviewer calls them, “Probably the best money I ever spent on footwear,” and goes on to describe them as “sturdy, and honestly they give me an incredible amount of confidence with every step. I don’t fear another twisted ankle any more.” As one reviewer concludes, these boots are “about as good a fit as one can get without having boots custom made: wide in the toe, padded tongue, arch support, waterproof, well constructed, excellent sole, not too hot or heavy. What’s not to love?”

Best less expensive waterproof hiking boots

Ariat Men’s Terrain H2O Hiking Boot
From $94

About 10 percent of reviewers describe these hiking boots as waterproof. “I’ve been sloshing through snow, ice, mud, and puddles, and have not experienced any moisture seep whatsoever,” even in puddles up to four inches deep, reports one reviewer who’s worn them on hikes on Mount Desert Island, Maine, and through Pennsylvania. They add, “I’ve put many miles on these boots, and so far there is no appreciable sign of wear.” Another who actually wears them while riding their motorcycle says they are “Mostly waterproof at 60 mph in the rain, only torrential downpour and riding in two feet of water has compromised them.” And while many reviewers use these for hiking a few dozen note that they wear them for horseback riding. According to one user, “The soles don’t pick up the mud like many hiking boots that I have had. They are comfortable to walk and ride in. They provide support in the rough pastures and don’t slip in the stirrups.”

Best leather hiking boots

From $68

The leather on these Columbia hiking boots stood out to lots of reviewers. “Definitely a high-quality product,” notes one, adding, “I put miles on my shoes/boots. And these are the best boots I have had to date for an all around use. They are durable, waterproof, comfortable and pretty warm considering they aren’t snow boots.” Another reviewer describes them as the “best boot at this price point, hands down” because of the “real leather construction and short break-in time.” Another admits that compared to fabric, “they took a little longer to break in due to the leather material,” but still describes the fit as “excellent from day one.” One casual hiker “who just found out he inherited a bleep-load of forest” calls these “terrific,” continuing, “They’re lightweight, well put together, and the treads are disturbingly ‘catchy.’ They’re hiking boots, not work boots, so they probably won’t handle a hunk of rebar being dropped on ‘em, but on the other hand they weigh a lot less, so it’s easier to run from bears.”

Best hiking boots for casual wear

Skechers Men’s Verdict Boot
From $75

Many customers appreciate how comfortable these boots are straight out of the box, like one reviewer who celebrates, “No break-in period for me. They’ve been very comfortable.” And plenty of other five-star reviewers say they’re comfortable over long distances. “My son really likes them and says they are very comfortable. After hiking for four hours he said his feet didn’t hurt at all,” one mom writes. “It’s comfortable, impervious to rain when walking through water up two to three inches (haven’t tried anything deeper) and snow up to three inches,” attests another satisfied reviewer, adding, “I’ve had several other brands and this boot is my favorite all season hiking boot.” And one reviewer thinks they’re so stylish, he doesn’t even wear them hiking: “I’m truly pleased with my sexy, elegant pair of boots, which I can wear casually or with a pair of fancy blue jeans. I have got so many compliments from my friends, both male and female, as to how elegant and hot I look in these boots.”