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What’s the Best Cashmere Sweater for Men?

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We recently uncovered the best cashmere sweaters for women (one of which was actually a men’s sweater), so we thought it was only fair to suss out the best cashmere sweaters for guys, too. Cashmere is the softer, often warmer cousin to sheep’s wool, and if you take good care of it, you can wear it forever. But long-lasting doesn’t have to mean bank-breaking. To help you find the right option for you — at the right price, too — we asked ten stylish men to point us to the best cashmere sweaters out there. Ahead, their favorites, including classic cable knits and far-out tie-dyes.

Best under $100 cashmere sweaters

Naadam came up a lot when we discussed the best cashmere sweaters for women — and men appear to love the brand, too, especially their $75 cashmere sweater. Joel Moore, blogger at Moore His Style, calls Naadam one of his “go-to brands for good quality cashmere.” He appreciates how affordable the sweater is while still being “super soft” and “100 percent sustainable.” Steven Sharpe Jr., New York City–based influencer, notes that the brand is “quite dedicated to sustainability and ethical production from start to finish.” He also likes their “commitment to colors.” Naadam offers 14 colors, and Sharpe says they’re always true to their descriptions: “If I want an olive-green sweater, I want it to be olive green. Not some pale version. You feel?” He also likes that it’s “a medium-weight cashmere,” good for both layering and wearing alone. “Take my money,” he says.

“If you’re looking for a cashmere sweater you can wear all day without worrying about ruining it, Uniqlo has some great affordable options,” says content creator Steven Fingar. Two other experts suggest looking at Uniqlo as well. Andrew Favorito, public-relations manager for Tatcha, “unabashedly” has a “thing for navy crewneck sweaters” because they’re universally flattering and timeless. He owns quite a few options, but the five — yes, five — navy Uniqlo cashmere sweaters he owns “get more wear” than the others in his closet. Nicolas Lazaro, community specialist for Grailed, also keeps coming back to Uniqlo for cashmere because, as he puts it, they’re “light enough for easy layering but not so light that it feels cheap. The quality is the best for the price range,” he says. Favorito agrees: For less than 100 bucks, they’re soft, comfortable and machine washable — which he says makes them “softer and fluffier.” Best of all, “you don’t feel guilty when it comes time to retire one after a few seasons and have to buy a replacement,” Favorito adds. “Condragulations, you’re a winner baby.”

If you’re not a crewneck loyalist like Favorito, Joe Watkins, a Pittsburgh-based streetwear influencer, likes Uniqlo’s turtleneck. He says the silhouette looks particularly sharp “while still maintaining the 100 percent cashmere quality, all for $100.” Like the crewneck, this option comes in seven different colors and goes up to 3XL. Watkins notes that it’d be a great sweater to “gift to a friend” if you’re feeling generous this holiday season.

State also offers affordable cashmere sweaters, and they’ve earned a reputation for their $100 option. Moore says they’re high quality, made from 100 percent Mongolian cashmere, plus the brand boasts a sustainable element by not creating any blends — with a blend, you don’t always get information on what the cashmere is blended with, and the brand is trying to make their cashmere (which is expensive, typically) go a little bit further. This V-neck comes in nine colors and goes up to a size XXL — but if you’re not into V-necks, they offer a $100 crewneck, too.

Best under $200 cashmere sweaters

Our experts unanimously love Everlane’s cashmere. Watkins proclaims that it’s “probably one of the best under $200 sweaters.” Fingar agrees, saying “the price point can’t be beat” and that it’s his “favorite to buy.” Watkins likes that it “has a smooth clean look that could be worn for many different occasions” and notes that “the quality is very evident.” Sharpe appreciates that much like Naadam and State, Everlane’s clothes are sustainable. This sweater has fewer size options than Naadam — it only goes up to XXL — but it comes in 13 colors.

“Any color of this simple sweater, with a pair of dark jeans, will make you look pulled together even if you don’t feel it,” says Nick Axelrod-Welk, co-founder of Necessaire. Tricots’ recycled cashmere consists of other wasted cashmere garments that are respun with virgin cashmere fibers, then knit in Italy, which Axelrod-Welk says he appreciates. The brand also sells directly to the consumer, giving customers the lowest price possible. All in all, Axelrod-Welk says it’s a no-brainer purchase.

We already mentioned State’s $100 cashmere, but Moore loves this slightly pricier turtleneck, too. He calls it his “preferred style” for sweaters, because “it’s easy to dress down while still looking polished.” It comes in ten colors, and Moore says he owns the camel version, which he wears “often during the fall and winter months.”

Will Taylor, blogger for Bright.Bazaar, recommends this funky striped cashmere sweater from J.Crew (which also comes in solid colors for twenty bucks less). “As someone who loves stripes, color, and anything soft, this cashmere sweater hits it out of the park, ticking all three off the list,” says Taylor. He calls it “the perfect statement sweater,” and notes that it’s not easy to find a patterned cashmere sweater at this price point.

If you prefer your knits cabled, Gianluca Russo, NYLON columnist and founder of The Power of Plus, loves this Bonobos cable-knit option. And though it’s mostly cotton with only five percent cashmere, Russo doesn’t think the blend affects the quality. “The knit pattern adds a layer of sophistication and luxury to this sweater, which can easily be worn a number of different ways, whether layered under a coat with boots or paired with a simple white button-up beneath,” he says. He notes that it goes up to a XXL, which “is more than many other high-quality brands” offer customers.

If you would prefer a 100 percent cashmere cable-knit sweater, Moore recommends checking out Saks Off 5th because “surprisingly enough,” they offer “luxe cashmere sweaters at a discounted price.” He picked up one last year and says “it’s still holding up perfectly this season.” It goes up to a XXL and though it only comes in camel and gray, these two neutrals will match anything.

Much like a lot of our other experts, Russo loves Naadam. This one, in medium-weight cashmere, is “perfect for autumn layering without the suffocating feeling other turtlenecks often cause.” It comes in a handful of colors — like black, camel, and “smoke” — but he recommends the merlot because it’s a “bold color” that’s great for fall.

“Falconeri is known for their cashmere, and it really shows in the craftsmanship of their garments,” says Sharpe of this Italian brand. While many of their cashmere sweaters are pricey, this one, which was originally $300, is currently on sale for half off and still available in almost all sizes and colors. “This crewneck is a classic — lightweight, soft feel, and comes in a plethora of colors. It’s my pick for elevated WFH looks,” adds Sharpe. “You can’t go wrong.”


Another sale pick courtesy of Sharpe, this lightweight relaxed-fit cashmere is still available in all sizes. Sharpe says it has that “buttery soft feeling you want from a cashmere sweater.” He also likes how thin it is, adding that it’s “perfect to layer under a leather jacket with a pair of denim and boots.” And if you’re not hunting for a deal, this sweater also comes in five other colors — they’re just not on sale.

Best splurge-worthy cashmere sweaters

For those looking to invest in a piece that will last for years, our experts tipped us off to the places actually worth spending your money, like Vince. Devan Anderson (a.k.a. DevanOnDeck), creative director and fashion influencer, loves this “cozy hoodie” in cashmere because you can “toss it on with a pair of non-distressed denim and clean sneakers for a high-low look.”

Two experts recommend this COS mockneck — which, while still making a statement, isn’t quite as big a commitment as a turtleneck. Fingar thinks it’s “both high quality and practical,” while Anderson appreciates that it’s “thick enough to wear in moderate weather, but thin enough to