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What Are the Best Wireless Bras for Larger Breasts?

Photo: Courtesy of Lively, True&Co., and Fortnight

Over the past few years, wireless bras and bralettes have practically upended the lingerie market. While there are many nice-looking wireless bras and bralettes for larger breasts (which we’re categorizing as size D and up), you may be wondering: Do any of them deliver legitimate support? It’s a fair question, given that underwire is typically the way bras offer lift and support, especially for larger sizes. But as Danielle Iserlis, a former marketing associate at Journelle explains, a well-fitting band can be just as important when it comes to a bra’s support. “Contrary to popular belief, 80 percent of support comes from the band,” she says. To find the best, actually supportive wireless bras and bralettes for large breasts, we talked to Iserlis and 13 more cool people — including lingerie store owners and merchandise managers — about the styles they trust. Then we combed our archives to ensure we did not forget any worthy wireless undergarments we’ve written about before. The 17 wireless bras and bralettes below include seamless options, styles with removable padding, and lacy, longline numbers; to help you shop, we’ve divided them into bras and bralettes, leading each category with products that got the most recommendations. All the garments on this list are available in at least a size D, with most coming in G and H, and a few even running as big as O.

Best wireless bras for bigger busts

Jenette Goldstein, the owner of Jenette Bras in Los Angeles, is a big fan of Fortnight’s stealthily strong mesh options. “Fortnight is a small, woman-owned company in Toronto that has been crafting high-quality wireless bras in-house since long before the current ‘bralette’ marketing trend,” says Goldstein. “They employ every technical trick in the book — architectural seaming, power mesh, reinforced panels — to compensate for the lack of underwire.” Goldstein adds that her clients have been pleasantly surprised by the amount of support they get from the Luna, which counts another fan in Gina Marinelli, a freelance writer and editor. “I love the super-wide band, which provides a comfortable fit and extra underboob support,” she explains of the bra, which goes up to a size G.

“The lace cup is pretty but also it isn’t incredibly stretchy so it provides a lift as good as an underwire bra,” Marinelli says of this Panache style. Kimmay Caldwell, a professional undergarment educator who wears a size 32DD, also recommends the Andorra bra, telling us it has a “seamed construction and an adjustable band and straps,” which, as she reminds us, “are important for a good fit.” Adds Caldwell: “I just helped a pregnant customer with a full, heavy bust into this style — she needed a wire-free option that was still supportive and gorgeous.”

Two women with bigger busts each told us they found their ideal wireless undergarment from Kim Kardashian’s underwear line Skims. One is Strategist’s very own Rio Viera-Newton (who wears a D-plus cup): She bought this scoop-neck bra, which goes up to a size 3XL, back in October and calls it “superspecial, dreamy, incredibly supportive, and great for loafing around the house.” The second is contributor Brodie Lancaster, a freelance writer who wears a F cup. After just a few wears of her preferred wireless style from Skims (a bralette that is currently sold out), Lancaster told us “you understand why the brand’s drops sell out so quickly.”

Lancaster has another favorite wireless undergarment in this (actual) bra from True & Co. She describes the brand as “a lingerie start-up that you’ve almost certainly come across on Instagram,” noting that its bras, including the True Body Lift Scoop Adjustable Bra (which goes up to a size DDD), “are made from a fabric that’s softer than any other bra material I’ve encountered.” That fabric, she adds, “manages to hold my boobs in and up” so well that Lancaster compares it to “a second skin.”

Knix, another Toronto-based underwear company, makes this wireless bra that digital content creator Aysha Harun recommends. The seamless style comes in sizes up to G and has light, removable padding. According to Harun, the bra “adds a bit more coverage” than a totally unlined one and its moisture-wicking nylon and Spandex material “really lets the girls breathe.” The bra comes in black and four different shades of nude “so that women of color can wear something that actually matches their skin tone,” adds Harun (who wears nude No. 3).

Photo: retailer

As we and other exacting shoppers know, sometimes you have to search far and wide for the perfect something. Those big-chested women who’ve yet to find their ideal wireless bra stateside might consider this tip from contributor Hannah Howard, who notes “I’m a size HH, like my initials.” She says the Cami Sleep Bra from Bravissimo — “a shop with locations all over the U.K.” — is “ideal for never-leave-the-house COVID days.” The bra, which is sized in U.K. measurements, is available from DD–K, which is roughly the equivalent to DD/E–O in U.S. sizing. Should you want to try it, Howard suggests taking your measurements to make sure you get the sizing right.

Photo: retailer

Also sold by Bravissimo, Howard says this wireless bra from Sugar Candy doubles as a nursing-friendly style for those in need of a supportive bra that’s also good for breastfeeding. “Last April, I gave birth to a baby girl, and the Sugar Candy Non-Wired Bra quickly became my favorite nursing bra,” she says of the style, which is available in up to a size 2XL. “Even though I’m not breastfeeding much anymore these days, it’s still in heavy rotation.”

New York–based model Veronica Campos, who wears a 40DD, loves the wireless bras made with bamboo fabric from Hara the Label, like this Leo High-Cut Bra. Bamboo, as we’ve written before, is a more sustainable material and Campos promises that while these are “made with very little material,” they still offer a good fit and hold. The bras come in sizes up to 5XL, which she notes is “super hard to find.”

Campos also likes this wireless bra from a woman-owned, size-inclusive underwear company, Pansy. Designed with bigger cup sizes in mind, “there’s no strap adjusting or clasp to clip on, so it’s always zero fuss,” she says, adding that you don’t sacrifice comfort for support because the material is “thick” and has substantial “hold and control.” The bras go up to a size G and are so comfortable that she has actually fallen asleep with one on, she adds.

Best wireless bralettes for bigger busts

While all bralettes are wireless, that doesn’t mean they are equally supportive. In talking to our cool people about shopping for a truly supportive bralette, no brand came up more than Lane Bryant, specifically its intimates line Cacique. “I work from home and the last thing I want to do is sit around in an underwire bra,” says freelance writer Liz Black, a blogger at P.S. It’s Fashion who wears an H cup. That’s why she’s “practically been living” in the styles from Cacique, like this Stretch Lace Bralette, “for the last few years.” The bralette comes in sizes up to 20 and Black says “I typically wear an 18/20, which fits my 40H chest perfectly,” adding that the bralette is nice-looking enough that “I don’t feel awkward wearing it when I run errands.” Sarah Chiwaya, a plus-size fashion blogger at Curvily who wears a size 38L, is also a fan of Cacique’s bralettes. She describes their support this way: “I know that my chest won’t fly out of my bralette if I run for a bus or hustle down the subway steps.”

According to Iserlis, this is Cosabella’s classic bralette retooled for fuller busts. The style comes in a whopping 28 colors, sizes from DD–H, and is both comfortable and supportive. “This stretch-lace pullover-style bralette is lined with power mesh for ultimate support and has wide, non-digging straps for comfort,” Iserlis says. If you do need more support, Caldwell, another fan of this bralette, has a tip: “Some of my clients layer this over a supportive bra for that fashionable bralette look, plus support.”