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The Best Kettlebells on Amazon, According to Hyperenthusiastic Reviewers

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Here at the Strategist, we like to think of ourselves as crazy (in the good way) about the stuff we buy, but as much as we’d like to, we can’t try everything. Which is why we have People’s Choice, in which we find the best-reviewed (that’s four-to-five-star reviews and lots of ’em) products and single out the most convincing. While we’ve written before about the best yoga mats, home gym-friendly exercise bikes and ellipticals, even the best fitness rebounders and trampolines, here we went deep on the best kettlebells on Amazon. (Note that reviews have been edited for length and clarity.)

Best-rated kettlebell set

CAP Barbell Enamel Coated Cast Iron Kettlebell (15+20 Lbs)

“This is the first CAP kettlebell I’ve order on Amazon, and I couldn’t be happier. The handle is a comfortable thickness and is sized well for both one- and two-handed grabs and pulls. I’m not very tall, but my hands are wide, and the handle felt just right. It was packaged well in a double-walled, double-banded box with dense styrofoam wedges to keep it from shifting. Mine had no missing paint, no chips, and no rough spots like some others have reported — just a rust-free, super-smooth kettlebell. The paint is very smooth, which I prefer over some of the rough finishes of other brands. And you can’t beat the price, especially with Prime shipping! I’ll certainly order more of these from Amazon, even if it means that my FedEx driver learns to hate me for it.”

Best-rated kettlebell

Yes4All Solid Cast Iron Kettlebell (20 Pounds)

“This particular review is for the 35-pound version though I also have a 15-pound, which my wife uses and loves, and a 25-pound one. To get a little perspective, I’m a fairly big guy at 6’2” and about 200 pounds. I can fit both my hands into the handle almost perfectly … Now, how does it hold up? Well, on top of the standard kettlebell exercises, I also enjoy doing kettlebell juggling where I constantly weave it through my legs, behind my back, and up into the air. Yes, I have dropped it (quite a bit in fact), and no, I have NOT dropped it on my feet as even if you lose control you still have plenty of time to get out of the way. With my juggling, I’m a lot harder on this [kettlebell] than most other people and so far it has held up flawlessly. I’ve seen this land on multiple surfaces [including] mats over concrete, grass, dirt, mud, sand, and gravel, and so far it’s only got some dirt on it, and a few flecks of paint worn off. It will have no problem holding up to the standard exercises.”

Best solid cast-iron kettlebell

CAP Barbell Cast Iron Kettlebell (25-Pound)

“This is the kettlebell you’re going to want. Feels great — no weird plastic coating. Weighted throughout the entire bell means you can do curls and tricep extensions properly. Forget those sand-filled colorful bells; they’re a gimmick and a poor one at that. Seriously, you can stop your search and buy these. They’re perfect.”

Best cheap solid cast-iron kettlebell

AmazonBasics Cast Iron Kettlebell (25-Pound)

“Just got it and there’s not much to say other than it is a traditional kettlebell. … The finish is great; I can let it slide without getting blisters but with a little more force I can grip it without it slipping. I haven’t had it long enough to see if the finish will start chipping off, but it doesn’t look like it’s that cheap. It looks and feels like a solid kettlebell to me. Unless other top brands are on sale for a better price, this works great and is a solid buy.”

Best enamel-coated cast-iron kettlebell

AmazonBasics Enamel Kettlebell (35 Pounds)

“Man, this thing weighs a ton! … Can’t beat this price per pound. Sleek looking, flat bottom. Handle is a nice diameter for average male-sized hands. Enamel coating will probably get a little slippery once it gets wet or sweaty. I wrapped the handle in cheap athletic tape to make sure the handle doesn’t get slippery. Could also use gloves. Happy with the purchase, pretty simple product, would buy again.”

Best vinyl-coated cast-iron kettlebell

Yes4All Vinyl Coated Kettlebell (25 Pounds)

“Just what I was looking for, at a good price, without a toxic coating! There are no seams on the handle, and the bottom is flat, allowing it to lay still on the ground while the vinyl coating protects my floors. Love the blue color. The handle is wide enough for both of my hands, and I can hold it without gloves. The texture of the handle allows a comfortable and secure grip without the fear of it slipping out of my hands. Very happy with my purchase and will buy more as I progress.”

Best color-coded vinyl-coated cast-iron kettlebells up to 25 pounds

Sunny Health & Fitness Vinyl Coated Kettlebell (25 Pound)

“I find this kettlebell to be of good quality. I have two of the 25 pounders. The vinyl coating is evenly applied. The handle is smooth and has no imperfections. I would recommend this, if you’re looking for a quality bell with a nice price.”

Best color-coded vinyl-coated cast-iron kettlebells up to 50 pounds

SPRI Kettlebell Weights (25-Pound, Green)

“I loved using this style kettlebell at my local gym and decided to get some for my mini home gym. Love the vinyl coating. Also, love that the different weights have different colors, making them easy to identify. Worth the price for the quality!”

Best vinyl-coated cement kettlebell

Tone Fitness Kettlebell, 20-Pound

“I just love the shape of these weights. I’ve never had kettlebell weights before. The size, weight, handle and overall shape of the design is surprisingly satisfying to just casually play with. The big handle promotes the easy exchange between hands, so you quickly find yourself going around the back and through legs, etc. I also really like the vinyl material feel. It’s much nicer to toss around than a metal weight. This is a great product for shaping up.”

Best competition kettlebell

CAP Barbell Cast Iron Competition Kettlebell Weight (26-Pound)

“Shaped correctly, balanced, no rough spots or burrs. Seems durable. Better than I expected for the price. I did not check to see how accurate the weight of the bell is, as I’m not a competitor and don’t care. I like the color code for easy weight identification. I’d recommend to anyone looking to try kettlebells; cheaper sand-filled ones or other options would not give you the same experience. If you already use kettlebells I would still recommend unless you are willing to pay more for the ones with flat angled sides or cool faces in them.”

Best solid cast-iron kettlebell sets

Yes4All Combo Special: Cast Iron Kettlebell Weight Sets (10+15+20 Lbs)

“I searched just about everywhere for kettlebells for my commercial gym and the best price was on these. I ordered sets of two from five pounds through 50 pounds and was surprised when I found out that they were going to be shipped via USPS. Two days later they were delivered. The handles are sufficient in size to accommodate even larger hands. The bottoms are flat so they all stay on the kettlebell rack without any issues. They have like a powder-coat finish which is what I was hoping for; I didn’t want anything too glossy for fear that they would be slippery once you started to sweat. Also, there were no burrs or sharp points along the handles that might tear into your skin while using. I was very impressed with the overall quality, especially at the price point. If I need more of these I would definitely buy them again.”

Best adjustable kettlebell

Empower Kettlebell Weight Set for Women

“I absolutely love this kettlebell system. I stumbled upon it one day at a store and decided to give it a try. I have been so happy with it. My main problem area is the tummy, and at first I was skeptical that this would do anything since there are no crunches on the DVD, but with the swinging around of the bell you do feel it in your core, and now I believe it’s actually more effective than doing crunches. … As far as I’ve seen, this is the only system where you can custom adjust the weights. They are very easy to put together and take apart, too.”

Best adjustable kettlebell grip

Kettle Gryp

“I’ve been looking for a product like this for a while. My career requires me to be a road warrior traveling every week, Monday to Thursday, and staying at hotels. Most hotels have at least dumbbells, but very few have kettlebells. This worked like a charm, and I was able to bang out kettlebell swings no problem. I did find a competing product but never bit the bullet and bought it. It is made out of cast iron, weighed nearly 8 pounds and cost around $150. I found this product on Amazon and not only is it dramatically cheaper, it is plastic and easily fits in my airline roll-a-board carry on.

Product feels solid while in use. The dumbbell does not slip or move at all within the handle. Time will tell if it’s durable. Between this product and the TRX Go, I have a portable gym that fits into my carry-on and allows me to have a great workout even if I’m stuck in hotel with a terrible gym.”

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The Best Kettlebells on Amazon, According to Reviewers