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The Best Coolers With Wheels on Amazon, According to Hyperenthusiastic Reviewers

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As we all flock to beaches, forests, and backyards in the blistering summer heat, you may be looking for an easy, fuss-free way to transport — and protect — your snacks and sodas. That’s exactly what you get when you combine the insulating power of a cooler with the wheeled design of your favorite suitcase. And while we’ve written about lots of coolers and fridges before — including wine fridges, a cooler for the beach, and mini-fridges — here, we’ve rounded up the best coolers with wheels, as praised by the most enthusiastic reviewers on Amazon.

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Best-rated cooler with wheels

Igloo Ice Cube Roller Cooler (60-Quart)

Out of nearly 5,000 ratings, over 80 percent of happy customers gave this Igloo cooler five stars. Reviewers prefer this cooler for road trips because it’s relatively small, but it still holds enough stuff (and keeps it cool) for a long trip. “We bought it to travel for three weeks and it stood up to daily loading into and out of the car. The wheels are amazing. The size is fantastic,” writes one reviewer, who also calls it “perfect.” And once you arrive at your destination, many reviewers say it’s easy to roll around. One reviewer took this cooler camping and reports it “travels well across all terrains.” He explains, “I have dragged this thing over rocks/sand/grass/dirt, full to the brim with no problems.” Another small feature that gets a lot of love is the built-in cup holder on the lid: “On occasion, we use it as a mini camping table, and the holders come in handy not only for drinks but for small items or phones as well.”

Best heavy-duty cooler with wheels

Constructed from commercial-grade materials, this cooler is built to last. As one reviewer puts it, this model is “both tough as nails and strong as an Army tank. Great quality!” This is due at least in part to the cooler’s sturdy wheels, which one reviewer describes as big enough to get you smoothly over bumps, rocks, and dips. The wheels are “not rubber, but they’re not those obnoxious, clickety-clack plastic ones, either,” they write. Another reviewer was also impressed with the build quality: “When I took it out of the box, the first thing I did was hop up on it. It was important to determine if this cooler had any give. It does not. I am six feet tall and 198 lbs. This cooler was strong, durable, and had no give whatsoever. I could literally do box jumps.” Another reviewer went even further, saying they believe this cooler will last for several generations: “I sure don’t need to worry about this cooler blowing away! My great-great-grandchildren will be using it!”

Best collapsible cooler with wheels

Dbest Products Ultracompact Cooler

“Sturdy, wonderful, compact and perfect,” writes one reviewer. “The wheels stood up to even long walks on rough concrete.” This collapsible cooler is small and portable enough for everyday activities, such as grocery shopping, but reviewers were pleasantly surprised by just how much stuff fit inside it. One reviewer — who has to leave their small town to get to a grocery store — uses this cooler to keep perishable items, including their favorite Baskin-Robbins ice cream, at a food-safe temperature in the car: “This little cart holds two gallons of milk and a pint of ice cream and does a great job of keeping [them] reasonably cold for the drive home … I’d buy another in a second.” Another reviewer who commutes uses the cooler to carry all their belongings: It fits “my coffee and water bottles on each outside pocket, my computer headset zipped up front with an extra mask, and inside I fit my laptop, notepads, and a neoprene lunch bag.” Even though it’s intended mostly for everyday use, this cooler holds up for day trips and excursions. One reviewer brought it with them to the beach and managed to pack “six waters, six Pine-Apple-Ritas, four grinder-size sandwiches, and three ice packs, and there was just enough room for a big bag of M&M’s!”

Best cooler with wheels for keeping ice frozen

Coleman Xtreme Wheeled Portable Cooler

This hardy, portable cooler is insulated well enough that reviewers report it kept the contents safe, sound, and frozen even in relatively challenging conditions — like 12-hour road trips and 95-degree beach days. Several reviewers found its performance superior to that of other coolers, including one who says it kept ice frozen for five whole days. A reviewer who owns multiple coolers says the Coleman Xtreme “keeps ice three times longer” than anything else they own. One person was so satisfied with this cooler’s performance that they felt compelled to leave their very first product review: “This is the first review I’ve ever left after being an Amazon customer for years. People … this is the best $29 I’ve ever spent. I live in Florida (read: hotter than the depths of hell), and this cooler has kept ice going on five days in 80-to-90-degree heat. I haven’t added extra ice. I’m just floored, to be honest … Seriously, if you had any doubts, don’t. Go get yourself one … You won’t be sorry!”

Best cooler with wheels for parties


“This is definitely a must-buy,” writes one reviewer who bought the cooler for their son’s graduation party. “It’s a large cooler that can be used on or off wheels (the wheels lock) but can be moved wherever you want. Bonus: has a bottle opener attached to it.” Several reviewers loved how it worked with their patio space, including one who says it’s “beautiful to look at, well made, and practical. And not gaudy! Fits right into our patio without standing out or being loud.” Not only is this cooler relatively easy on the eyes, other reviewers, like one who brought it to their daughter’s wedding, say it was a breeze to use: “Easy to move around, keeps drinks cold. Easy to clean up with the spout. Easy to assemble as well.”

Best cooler with wheels for long trips


If you do just want a Yeti, reviewers report that this version can keep ice for eight days. “Everyone always jokes about how expensive and trendy these are, but they earned their bragging rights,” says one reviewer who says his ice stayed for an “entire week” in the summer. One calls this “a workhouse” because of how well it functions, writing, “After years of buying what I thought to be decent coolers and having to replace them within a year or two, I thought, why not?! Well, I’ve been using the cooler pretty much nonstop since Memorial Day weekend and it has exceeded my expectations.” He originally “bought two blocks of ice for the holiday weekend and the contents of the Yeti stayed cold for five plus days.” And one more agrees that this is worth the price, calling it the “absolutely best cooler on the market.” He adds, “From the cutouts on the lid so it stays strapped in the truck to the fact it keeps ice for eight days, what more could you want? It’s sturdy, doesn’t move around in a truck bed (without straps), and holds 220 pounds bags of ice.”

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The Best Coolers With Wheels on Amazon, According to Reviews