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The Best Women’s Underwear on Amazon, According to Hyperenthusiastic Reviewers

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When it comes to underwear, women have so many options that it can be hard to know what exactly you want. Do you want a thong? What about a workout thong? Are you more of a fan of cotton underwear than pairs made out of synthetic material? See? Lots of choices. To help you navigate such a nuanced area, we found tons of options on Amazon, from high-waist cotton pairs to full-coverage briefs to cotton boy shorts, as praised by the most enthusiastic reviewers on Amazon. And if you still can’t find what you’re looking for, we’ve put together lists for women’s underwear to buy in bulk and the best seamless options. We even have options for the men out there.

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Best-rated women’s underwear

Amazon Essentials Women’s Cotton Stretch Bikini Panty
From $14 for 6
From $14 for 6

One reviewer lamented not being able to find “cute cotton underwear that isn’t granny-panties.” Another says the “underwear scene has gotten so bad,” she started sewing her own, until she found this pair from Amazon, writing, “In ten years I have never found a pair of underwear I was willing to buy a second time, until these. These are the first.” She continues, listing out every positive she noticed, “They don’t ride up. They don’t cut in. The crotch is wide enough to hold and stay put. They’re soft, smooth, the seams are flat and don’t irritate. They’re plain, but flattering, I don’t feel like a frump wearing them around the house.” Others fully agree, with one calling this, “Perfect cotton underwear for normal women who don’t want anything fancy, just comfort and proper fit, but not total granny panties either.” Plus, many appreciate the relatively low price, as one puts it, “If you are looking for a good-quality, inexpensive and comfortable option to very expensive underwear, these are it.”

Best-rated (less expensive) women’s underwear

Warner’s Women’s Hipster Panties
$12 for 3
$12 for 3

“Seriously, these are the best undies ever,” writes one customer, who goes on to describe them as “thick, like swimsuit bottoms, and very comfortable,” but the best part for her was that they “move with you and stretch, so when you bend over, you don’t show your crack.” She even plans to replace all her underwear with these Warner briefs because they’re so good. One customer even prefers them to her pairs from Victoria’s Secret. “These are 10x more comfortable for half the price,” she says. Sometimes the Victoria’s Secret ones can cut too tight around the crotch and legs, she adds, but these are “extremely comfortable, and not too tight in any area.” They’re also slightly high-waisted — but not so much that you can only wear them with high waist pants. Many women say they’re aptly named “No Muffin Top” because they truly don’t give you the appearance of one. And on the fit, one more customer clarifies: “They cover my bum like a brief but the v-cut front makes them very flattering. I’m getting rid of all my other panties and replacing them with these!”

Best full-coverage women’s underwear

Hanes Women’s Cool Comfort Cotton Brief Panties
From $9 for 6

Over 5,000 reviewers give these panties five stars, and many appreciate how full-coverage they are — in the back and front. “No riding up my bum when I move around (and I have a lot of bum),” one reviewer reports. A new mom writes that she picked up these briefs “after I had a c-section and couldn’t find any underwear that would properly go above my incision. Cue these sweet, sweet briefs, and you get one life-saving product and one grateful new momma.” One reviewer even calls these amazing: “A lot of panties today have a crotch that’s no wider than a band-aid, but these are perfect.” And while about two dozen reviewers admit these are “granny panties,” they don’t care. “I don’t give a crap what they look like, I don’t care if a man likes them on me or not,” writes one. “I’m comfortable and they don’t crawl up my butt.”

Best cotton bikini underwear

Calvin Klein Women’s Cotton Stretch Logo Bikini Panty
From $26 for 5
From $26 for 5

Simply put by one reviewer, these panties are “Gorgeous, simple, comfortable, pleasant to the touch pants from Calvin Klein.” About 10 percent of reviewers praise these for being cotton, but reviewers also appreciate the fit, as well. “I’ve been on the search for cotton underwear that didn’t look like granny panties, but also didn’t have elastic that dug into the skin and make that extra crease in my cheeks (harder to find than you think),” one says. “The elastic is just right for me and the panties don’t make me feel lame and outdated.” Another says, “The elastic is strong enough to hold up but not too tight when it leaves marks.” And many more appreciate that this underwear is long-lasting. One reviewer has been wearing this set for three years and says, “They have not faded, zero rips, zero holes.”

Best (less expensive) cotton bikini underwear

Fruit of the Loom Women’s Beyond Soft Underwear
From $16 for 6
From $16 for 6

More than 1,000 five-star reviewers on Amazon use the word “soft” to describe these briefs from Fruit of the Loom. “They fit right, are very comfortable to wear, and don’t ride up,” writes one reviewer. As another admits, “These are not your date-night panties. You wear these when you wanna watch movies with that bowl of ice cream after a hard day at work.” But she still calls this underwear “so darn comfy.”