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The 13 Very Best Jeans for Tall Women

Never settle for too-short denim again.

Photo: Marcus McDonald
Photo: Marcus McDonald

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There are lots of advantages to being tall — seeing above the crowd at concerts and always being able to reach the top shelf of the pantry, for example — but finding jeans that fit can be a trade-off. Generally, jeans come in 27-to-29-inch inseams, which usually won’t cover your ankles if you’re taller than five-eight or so. And the problem with many pairs that come in “tall” lengths is that they can be limited in stock (as we’ve seen, it’s very much a “Don’t dillydally” kind of situation), especially if you’re hitting the sale section. Unlike petite women, who can have pants hemmed if they’re too long, those with a higher stature can’t just add extra fabric. So we did the work of finding the best ones out there by asking women between the heights of five-foot-eight and six-foot-six about their favorite pairs, from skinnies and straight legs to looser cuts.

What we’re looking for

Sizes and lengths

You can call this criteria a no-brainer. It was important for us to feature denim that comes in a number of sizes to be as inclusive as possible. And to get into specifics, we looked for jeans that come with inseams that start at 30 inches and go up to 38 inches (the longest we’ve been able to find) to suit more kinds of tall women. Sure, women over six feet might scoff at a 30-inch inseam, but because some tall women might have a long torso rather than long legs and vice versa, we wanted to provide as many options as possible — especially since lots of tall women are still looking for a 30-to-34-inch inseam instead of the extra-tall lengths.


As a rule of thumb — as we’ve learned covering all sorts of jeans — you can categorize pairs as “not stretchy,” “stretchy,” and “very stretchy.” Those that are “not stretchy” have no stretch at all and are made completely from cotton, those that are “stretchy” have around one to 2 percent stretch (either elastane or spandex usually), and those that are “very stretchy” have more than that (so over 2 percent).


So you can get a sense of where these will hit you on your waist, we’ve listed the length of the rise for each pair. Typically, above 10 inches is considered “high waisted.”


Even though there are lots of styles out there — skinny, baggy, straight leg, wide leg, flare, cropped, curvy, and so on — you probably already have a good idea of what kind of jeans you want. The story is (mostly) broken down by cuts, and you can use the table of contents above to jump right to the style(s) you’re looking for. And a note from us: We don’t subscribe to the teenager philosophy that skinny jeans are “over” since very few pants are as versatile as skinnies, which go with nearly everything and can have quite the leg-lengthening effect.


Keeping in mind different budgets, we ranked each recommendation as either $ (under $100), $$ (under $200), or $$$ ($200 and up).

Best overall jeans for tall women

Madewell Kick Out Crop Jeans
From $64
From $64

Sizes and lengths: 23–33 with 30- and 33-inch inseams | Stretch: Stretchy | Rise: 10 inches | Cut: Cropped, kicked-out flare | Price: $$

Madewell makes two tall options, aptly named “Tall,” for those five-foot-eight to five-foot-11, and “Taller,” for those over six feet. For a mainstream brand, Madewell accommodates more inseams than others on the market. The downside is that its “Taller” jeans, which feature an inseam of 32 inches or longer, sell out very quickly as they don’t offer extra length for all their jeans (there are barely any sizes left on the site currently). These still-in-stock crops are an upgraded version of Madewell’s fan-favorite Cali Demi jeans with a subtler flare that we believe will appeal to most. And since Madewell has been highly recommended to us over the years, crowning it the best was easy. Former Strategist social-media editor Hannah Starke, who’s five-foot-ten, is a fan of Madewell’s curvy collection because they are “the only jeans that fit my body correctly,” designed with more room in the hips and a longer rise to accommodate an hourglass shape.

Best (less expensive) overall jeans for tall women

Sizes and lengths: 24–38 with 36- and 38-inch inseams | Stretch: Stretchy | Rise: None listed | Cut: Classic skinny leg | Price: $

More tall women we talked to recommended the ASOS Design line than any other brand, citing the cheap price tags and number of different inseams. But stock is unpredictable at best — clothes sell out fast and offerings change often, almost weekly. If you’re willing to constantly check on what hasn’t sold out, it’s well worth the effort. Alicia Jay, founder of fashion blog Tall Swag, describes the jeans as something of a sleeper hit. Because she’s six-foot-six, she looks to brands that offer as many options as possible, with as long of inseams as possible, and the jeans at ASOS go up to 38 inches. She also thinks they’re good quality for the cost. Opal Hoyt, who is six feet tall and the lead singer of Zenizen, also likes the longer fit of ASOS, calling them “an affordable standard skinny jean.” ASOS also offers boyfriend, straight leg, distressed, and black wash styles. Those who don’t need quite that much length can find pairs with just a 32-inch inseam with a search through the site.

Best jeans for extra-tall women

Sizes and lengths: 27–38 with 34- and 36-inch inseams | Stretch: Very stretchy | Rise: 9 inches | Cut: Skinny leg | Price: $

A good handful of brands create jeans specifically for women over six feet who need as much length as they can get. Truthfully, they all offer similar-looking jeans with equally long inseams and for a relatively close price. I chose the Amalli Talli jeans as the best of the best, though, because the company offers a range of sizes (27 through 38) and several inseam options — the shortest is 34 and the longest is 38 inches (the range depends on the style you choose). The Chandler is a “sister” to the brand’s best-selling Jackson, which is almost out of stock at the moment. Akia Danielle, a six-foot-tall style blogger, appreciates that the founders of the brands are actually tall women, so “they get what we need,” as she puts it. You could also shop around at Height-of-Fashion, Alloy Apparel, and Nineth Closet.

Best plus-size jeans for tall women

Sizes and lengths: 10–30 with 31- and 33-inch inseams | Stretch: Stretchy | Rise: None listed | Cut: Super skinny leg | Price: $

Two of the more difficult-to-shop-for categories rolled into one: plus size and tall. Katie Sturino, founder of Megababe and a body-acceptance advocate, suggests looking at Torrid if you’re stumped on where to find a stellar option that serves both categories. The brand offers tall (32 inches) and extra-tall inseams (34 inches) to give you options. Unlike many other skinny jeans, which can become baggy toward the ankles, “these maintain their shape all the way down, which can be hard to find,” Sturino adds. And content creator Nikki Apostolou has praised how they “hug my curves, cling where I need them to, and flatter my more apple-shaped figure.”

Best curvy jeans for tall women

Sizes and lengths: 23–37 with a 32.5-inch inseam | Stretch: Stretchy | Rise: None listed | Cut: Classic straight leg | Price: $

Abercrombie & Fitch has revamped its brand to offer more size-inclusive, trend-focused pieces without its signature moose emblazoned on everything. Its jeans have taken the focus recently thanks to how high quality they feel for such an affordable price (and have been featured most recently in our plus-size-jeans guide). Many of its denim styles come in a “curve” option, which fits those with wider hips and more of an hourglass shape better; it even offers plus sizes as well as tall lengths. This ’90s-inspired distressed pair has a 32.5-inch inseam for its “long” inseam (for those who are five-foot-eight to five-foot-ten) and an “extra-long” inseam for those who are five-foot-eleven and over (though the latter’s length is currently listed for this pair, which is why I only included the 32.5-inch inseam here).

Best rigid-denim jeans for tall women

Sizes and lengths: 23–32 with a 32-inch inseam | Stretch: Not stretchy | Rise: 11.25 inches | Cut: Relaxed straight leg | Price: $$$

“I hoped the company’s jeans weren’t actually as good as people say, partially because they’re so expensive and have become somewhat ubiquitous,” says Anello. But it turns out this pair is among the best jeans she’s ever owned. Rigid denim — meaning there will be zero stretch — flexes over time, starting off tight, then molding to your body. She calls them “extremely high quality” for that fact and believes she’ll have them for a long time. Not all of Re/Done’s jeans offer different inseam lengths, but this pair comes in a 32-inch inseam. If you’re looking for something similar with a much lower price tag, Emily Atkinson, a Nashville-based elementary-school teacher who is five-foot-nine, recommends checking out Gap, which actually has a respectable selection of tall options in 32- and 34-inch inseams.

Best (less expensive) rigid-denim jeans for tall women

Sizes and lengths: 23–31 with a 33-inch inseam | Stretch: Not stretchy | Rise: 12 inches | Cut: Fitted through hips with a straight-leg | Price: $$

Reformation’s denim is designed for those who are leggier, according to Katie Schmidt, owner and designer of ethical fashion label Passion Lilie. The label’s inseams are on the higher end (32- and 33-inch lengths are almost standard across its jean page). Talia Ackerman Hirsch, an assistant manager at Nordstrom and creator of @the.tallgirl.edit on Instagram, says the long-enough inseams (for her five-foot-11 frame) are consistent across the company after trying a number of pairs. The Cynthias give the illusion of even longer legs, Schmidt said in our guide to the best mom jeans. (White Lotus star Meghann Fahy and Strategist managing editor Kelsie Schrader are also devotees.) Though Hirsch doesn’t own the Cynthias herself, she says they’re comparable to her now sold-out Sandys. This was the first pair she put on “and had zero complaints about.”

Best straight-leg jeans for tall women

From $265

Sizes and lengths: 25–36 with a 31.5- to 35-inch inseam (based on size) | Stretch: Stretchy | Rise: 12 inches | Cut: Slimmer straight leg, fitted through hips and thighs | Price: $$$

Our sister site the Cut dubbed Judi Rosen “downtown’s denim queen.” Her namesake label is known for its “ass-flattering jeans,” a fact Strategist writer Dominique Pariso confirms as her butt “has never looked better than it did for those few blessed minutes in the dressing room” when she tried on the Stovepipes. But I heard about the brand’s Judis from writer and editor Mallory Rice, who’s five-foot-ten. “Judi’s calling card is that her jeans make butts of all shapes and sizes look very good,” but on top of that this pair has a workable length as her denim runs longer, Rice explains. She usually buys vintage Levi’s or Wranglers — so these were more of a splurge — but likes that they are more form fitting than any of her other jeans, adding, “I think of these as my going-out-dancing jeans.”

Best (less expensive) straight-leg jeans for tall women

Sizes and lengths: 23–34 with a 30- or 32-inch inseam | Stretch: Not stretchy | Rise: 11.125 inches | Cut: Classic straight leg | Price: $

Levi’s is one of your best bets when it comes to high-quality, affordable jeans. The 501s were invented by Levi Strauss himself back in 1873. These are a favorite among the denim obsessives we’ve talked to, making appearances on musicians Aly and AJ Michalka and celebrity stylist Karla Welch’s “what I can’t live without” lists. Most notable for the purpose of this guide, the cut is offered in both a 30- and 32-inch inseam (which is not the case for all Levi’s). Artist Lucy Litman, who’s five-foot-eight, depends on the brand for its fit especially — and these have a true straight leg.

Best flared jeans for tall women

Sizes and lengths: 24–31 with a 32-inch inseam | Stretch: Stretchy | Rise:  Not listed | Cut: Slimmer flare | Price: $$

For a flare, these high-waisted, patch-pocketed jeans are another one of Hirsch’s recommendations. She calls them “elongating and elegant,” with a silhouette that’s hip-hugging and flares out only slightly starting above the knee. These are also comfortable, part of the & Other Stories “comfort stretch” collection. The jeans “feel like real, stiff denim with a softer finish without feeling stretchy like a jegging,” according to Hirsch. (She notes that the brand is one of her favorite sites to shop for jeans — with the caveat that since there aren’t many brick-and-mortar stores in the U.S., “you have to be willing to do a lot of ordering and returning” to get the right size.)

Best baggy jeans for tall women

Sizes and lengths: 00–26 with a 33.5-inch inseam | Stretch: Not stretchy | Rise: 10.34 inches | Cut: Baggy, slightly oversize | Price: $$

“Good American is known for its fit and have been size inclusive since day one,” says Sturino. Khloé Kardashian has been sending model Winnie Harlow clothes from her Good American line since the brand’s beginning. Harlow praises how “high-quality” the company has become since. She goes so far as to describe this pair as having “that perfect vintage” Levi’s-esque feel. “They are bomb-ass jeans,” Harlow adds. The Good ’90s Loose are among the label’s signature styles, with a rise that’s on the lower side, a dropped crotch, and looser legs. Because of the intentionally oversized fit, the company suggests sizing down. And since “baggier” jeans are also in right now, I’ll note an honorable mention here: these baggy Boohoo boyfriend jeans, which are just $21 right now. Since the jeans are only available in sizes 4, 6, 8, and 10 at the moment, I figured they didn’t quite meet the standard for a best-in-class title, but they’re too good of a deal to pass up. Sharirah Ahmed, a freelance fashion stylist-slash-writer, likes that the waist is high enough for those who are longer-torsoed and tall (she’s five-foot-ten for reference).

Best jeggings for tall women

Sizes and lengths: XS–3X with a 31-inch inseam | Stretch: Stretchy | Rise: None listed (pull on) | Cut: Skinny that’s fitted enough to be a jegging | Price: $$

Jeggings have gotten a bad reputation, but these are great for those who want a jean that’s more dramatic than a classic skinny style. Public-relations executive Sarah Agate, who is six feet tall, admits this option from Spanx is “kind of different,” and originally she “felt weird getting Spanx pants,” but she’s now obsessed. She calls the tall option “the perfect length” and likes that it’s also “properly high-waisted.” As she explains, “One of my biggest issues in finding pants is that they never seem to be long enough or tight enough at my waist. If I opt for longer pants, I usually have to go up a size and then they’re too big and I’m constantly pulling them up all day.” For her, Spanx solves this problem because the pants provide a snug fit in all areas without having to compromise on length. She and her sister, who is six-foot-one, now both own them. “My legs have never looked better, and I get compliments all the time,” she says. Blogger Alison Rogel of Raised Rogue is another fan of Spanx, preferring the company’s Flare Jeans, which she describes as “wildly comfortable” and compares to putting on a pair of leggings.

Best cropped jeans for tall women


Sizes and lengths: 23–42 (plus sizes 14–24 here) with a 31-inch inseam | Stretch: Stretchy | Rise: 12 inches | Cut: Classic straight leg that’s cropped | Price: $

It may seem a little ridiculous to include cropped jeans in a post about tall jeans, but hear us out: If you do want cropped jeans, not all pairs work for tall people — some look pretty strange because the proportions are completely off. So if you’re going for a more abbreviated look, Whitney Powell, a global client executive at LinkedIn and editorial director of blog Whit Wanders who is five-foot-11, recommends the famed Levi’s Ribcages, which we’ve called the “Goldilocks of jeans.” “The selling point of these jeans is their high waist,” Powell says, with a traditional straight-leg shape that doesn’t taper and makes legs look longer — even for those who are already on the taller side. She describes the cut as comfortable through the calves and reports no dreaded gaping at the waist. And since the jeans come in three inseams (27, 29, and 31 inches), you can decide whether you want only a slight crop versus something that resembles more of a pedal pusher.

Some more jeans for tall women we’ve written about

Our experts

Sarah Agate, public-relations executive
Sharirah Ahmed, a freelance fashion stylist and writer
• Emily Atkinson, Nashville-based elementary-school teacher
Akia Danielle, style blogger
Winnie Harlow, model
• Talia Ackerman Hirsch, an assistant manager at Nordstrom and creator of @the.tallgirl.edit on Instagram
Alicia Jay, founder of tall-focused fashion blog Tall Swag
Lucy Litman, artist
• Whitney Powell, a global client executive at LinkedIn and editorial director of blog Whit Wanders
Mallory Rice, writer and editor
• Alison Rogel, blogger behind Raised Rogue
• Katie Schmidt, owner and designer of ethical fashion label Passion Lilie
• Hannah Starke, former Strategist social-media editor
Katie Sturino, founder of Megababe and body-positivity advocate
Lauren Witonsky, yoga instructor

Additional reporting by Chloe Anello

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The 13 Very Best Jeans for Tall Women