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The Best Yoga Mats on Amazon, According to Hyperenthusiastic Reviewers

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Here at the Strategist, we like to think of ourselves as crazy (in the good way) about the stuff we buy, but as much as we’d like to, we can’t try everything. Which is why we have People’s Choice, in which we find the best-reviewed products and single out the most convincing. While we’ve written before about the best yoga mats according to yogis, the home-gym equipment worth the investment, and the most reliable sports bras and leggings, here we went deep on the best yoga mats on Amazon. (Note that reviews have been edited for length and clarity.)

Best yoga mat under $15

BalanceFrom GoYoga All Purpose High Density Non-Slip Yoga Mat

“I’ve used multiple yoga mats all from different brands and I was impressed with this mat. This is a great mat for the price. It doesn’t slide or stretch when you use it. I haven’t noticed any crumbling, but I’ve only used it for about a week. It is a little softer than other 1/4-inch mats I’ve used, but it is very comfortable. It is much firmer than 1/2-inch mats and doesn’t stretch when I work out, which is one of my major concerns. This thickness is great for yoga and floor exercises. However, if you have knee or back problems I would suggest you purchase a thicker mat. Overall, this is a great mat and I will definitely be purchasing it again when (if) I need a replacement.”

Best yoga mat for everyday practice

Manduka PRO Yoga and Pilates Mat

“I teach yoga. Seven hours a week. This mat is the second one I’ve owned and the other one was mortally wounded in a washing machine incident, don’t trust the hubby. I’ve used regular, closed cell mats. I’ve used a YogaRat natural rubber mat. They didn’t hold up to my practice. I’ve had this mat [for two years] and it looks brand new. Yes, you have to break these mamma jammas in. Yes, I use resin on the reg. Yes, it’s heavy to carry. I LOVE it. This isn’t for the faint of heart. But then again, neither is yoga.”

Best ecofriendly yoga mat

Jade Harmony Yoga Mat

“I’m a vinyasa teacher, and I teach ten-plus classes a week and also keep up a vigorous personal practice, so I need a mat that can really perform. I work with a lot of jump-throughs, arm balances, and other precarious poses requiring serious grip of my mat, and I just love how secure and confident I feel on the Jade Harmony … I have to get insanely sweaty to feel even the slightest hint of slipperiness … Jade is a great company, and you can feel good about spending your hard-earned money on their product. By now, you’ve read about how they plant a tree for every mat they sell, how the mats are made in the U.S. (hooray for U.S. jobs!), and that they are completely biodegradable (hooray, Earth!).”

Best ecofriendly yoga mat under $50

Aurorae Classic Extra Thick 1/4” and Long 72” Premium Eco Safe Yoga Mat

“I bought this mat to replace a 20-year-old foam mat that needs to be retired. I was going to spend megabucks on one of the big-name mats, but I am sensitive to odors and can’t handle the smell of rubber, and I also wanted something biodegradable and cushy. The Aurorae Classic mat has great cushioning, it seems to be good quality, and I love that when I incorporate a chair for some of my yoga poses, the chair doesn’t leave long-lasting indentations in the mat (everything bounces right back up) … The purple of my mat is lovely, and I do like the image at the end of the mat for focusing. If my hunch is correct, you do not need to spend a small fortune to get a good-quality yoga mat. I researched mats to death before I chose this one, and I’m glad I did.”

Best yoga mat under $25

YogaAccessories 1/4” Thick High Density Deluxe Non Slip Pilates & Yoga Mat

“Favorite mat on Amazon! It’s not too thick or too thin, quality material, and the perfect price for a beginner. I’m also using it on hardwood floors, and even as thin as this is, I don’t really feel them. If you’re starting out and don’t know what to get, start with this one.”

Best half-inch-thick yoga mats

Sivan Health and Fitness 1/2-Inch Extra Thick 71-Inch Long NBR Comfort Foam Yoga Mat

“This yoga mat is THE BEST!!! As I’ve gotten older my knees have gotten more and more temperamental when it comes to putting any type of weight on them for any amount of time, even on most carpet I find kneeling uncomfortable — not with my Sivan mat though! This material is some high density awesomeness that holds up great! I’m not a tall man but I am on the larger side and I find this mat to have a great size! Unless this mat starts to magically break apart in the next few weeks, I can confidently say I am very happy with my purchase!! Do yourself a favor and get this mat!”

BalanceFrom GoYoga 1/2-Inch High Density Anti-Tear Yoga Mat with Carrying Strap

“I can’t believe how much time I spent researching a replacement for the mat my wife and I use for stretching and exercise. It paid off. The mat is thick, as advertised, does not smell of chemicals as some have complained — in fact there’s zero odor — and sticks tightly to the floor. Mats we’ve had previously have represented a real slipping hazard. I don’t know why this one is different but it simply won’t slip no matter what you do to it. Its combination of thickness and amount of give make it really comfortable for any activity — which gives me an idea I hadn’t had until this moment. And why not? We’ve had it for a few months and gives every sign of sturdiness. It seems to me it should last for several years, and I don’t see the potential for it shedding crumbs of material as others have done. I guess that means it’s perfect.”

Best half-inch-thick yoga mat with matching accessories

Sivan Health and Fitness Yoga 6-Piece Set

“This set is really nice quality! I have tile floors, and have had surgery on both knees, so knee contact on the floor without a good mat isn’t happening. This half-inch mat provides the extra cushion for poses with knee contact, without slipping. And I love the bright-aqua color. No strong odors; the blocks were firm; the towels really soft and absorbent. This set was everything I needed to get started with yoga, but not too expensive.”

Best three-quarters-inch-thick yoga mat

Crown Sporting Goods 5/8-Inch Extra Thick Yoga Mat With No Stick Ridge

“Love the thickness and quality of this yoga mat. I had such bad tailbone pain with my other (much thinner) yoga mat, and bought this one to see if it would help. It has made a world of difference, and I have had no pain at all while doing yoga and Pilates. So glad I bought this!”

Best one-inch-thick yoga mat

Yoga Cloud Ultra-Thick 1” Yoga and Exercise Mat With Shoulder Sling

“Let me just say, this thing is AMAZING!! I love it!! One of my biggest downfalls to doing yoga was that I would have back pain and knee pain when doing poses that involved being on the floor. This is no longer a problem. I am so grateful to have this amazing mat! That being said, the only thing that I could say that’s bad about it is that because of how squishy and wonderful it is, it makes it harder to do balancing poses like tree pose for example, but they can still be done as I’m still working on my balancing anyhow and I was able to do them.”

Best printed yoga mat for hot yoga

The Combo Yoga Mat by Yoga Design Lab

“Love, love, love the Yoga Design Lab combo mats. I have a studio and travel version. I do a lot of hot yoga and get really sweaty and this mat has been perfect for my needs. First off, the gorgeous design gets me ready for the session. The mats are beautiful and have a great texture, perfect to absorb any moisture. I prefer a mat that has enough thickness to have a little comfort on my hands and knees, but not too much that it makes me work extra hard when it comes to balancing, and this mat has met those needs. At the beginning of the session, I’ll spray the mat with water as it can be a little slippery when using it dry, but the grip gets better and better the longer you are practicing and the sweatier you get. Once I get home I lay the mat out to completely dry and try to hand wash it once a week. Definitely recommend this mat if you sweat a lot.”

Best printed yoga mat under $50

Aurorae Printed Extra Thick 5mm and 72” Long Premium Eco Safe Yoga Mat

“I really adore this mat! I have the Midnight Moon print, and it is so beautiful, it seriously inspires me to practice just so I can see it (hey, whatever works, right?). I am a yoga teacher, and I teach between six and ten classes per week. I’ve had this mat for almost a year now, and it’s holding up as good as new. It can be a little slippery, so if you are a hot-yoga practitioner, you may want a towel or grippy socks, but if you practice under ‘regular’ conditions, you should be fine. The thickness of the mat is pretty standard, but it’s very cushiony. I usually prefer to practice with double mats (one layered on top of another), but I have no problem practicing on this mat alone. Aurorae is a great company, and if you (like me) are hesitant to throw down $100 for a yoga mat, this is a wonderful, high-quality alternative.”

Best printed yoga mat under $25

Gaiam Premium Print Yoga Mat

“I love this yoga mat; it is spectacularly stylish and helps me feel like I am in my happiest place, in the mountains, before my practice each day. Having an image that helps you center yourself can be so helpful to get you ‘in the zone’ before your practice. Yes, you could just go get a plain, boring, single-colored mat. I’ve been there. But I decided to up my game, and I am much more excited each day I roll out my mat for it!”

Best printed yoga mat with alignment guidelines

The Original Liforme Yoga Mat

“This mat has changed my yoga life completely. The alignment markers have helped me immensely. I was a little worried about the investment because the return policy is (legitimately) very strict but I was able to try a friend’s mat for a class and knew after that hour I didn’t want any other mat. I sweat a lot and have slid off of Jade, Manduka and Gaiam mats but I do not move from the Liforme mat. Just touch it once and you will see why; the texture, the material, it’s like no other. I enjoy telling people about this mat when they ask for details and I let them test it out if they are curious. I love mine enough that I am about to buy another in a different color so I have one for home and one for travel. It is easy to clean and the rubber smell does go away after a few uses/cleanings. I unrolled mine when it arrived and let it ‘air out’ for about 3 days before I started using it. It comes with a sleek, functional carry bag; it is a bit large for most standard yoga bags.”

Best foldable yoga mat

Gaiam Foldable Yoga Mats

“Get you one of these. I haven’t traveled a single time without this mat since I bought it. It is so convenient to be able to pull out my own mat in studios when I’m on the road, and to be able to practice in hotel rooms, or at friends’ homes on overnight stays. The mat isn’t sticky to the level of some of the specialty mats you’ll see out there, but is definitely a good grip. I’ve used it on hardwood floor, carpet, and on the deck of a ship — it’s great. The only trouble I’ve ever had is that the mat is quite light (one of the things that makes it GREAT for travel), so wind will lift it up pretty easily. The Folds: The lines on which this folds are deeply imprinted. It’s not just a mat that’s easy to crease, the creases are pressed in, so it sits flat and can’t ‘pop up’ out of its fold. Overall, amazing buy.”

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The Best Yoga Mats on Amazon, According to Reviewers