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The Strategist’s Two-Day (Actually Good) Sale

Deals on over 30 of our favorite things, just for our readers.

Illustration: Joe McKendry
Illustration: Joe McKendry
Illustration: Joe McKendry

Editors’ note: If you’re reading this, it’s too late, because our first Two-Day (Actually Good) Sale is over. But you can check out our regular sales coverage here.

Whether it’s Cyber Monday, Amazon Prime Day, or just a regular Friday, we pride ourselves on our ability to sniff out the best deals from the depths of the internet’s sales bins. But for the first time ever, we’ve done some deal-making of our own. Meet the Strategist’s Two-Day (Actually Good) Sale, which starts on Wednesday, July 29 and ends on Thursday, July 30. We’ve put together over 30 deals, exclusively for readers of the Strategist, on some of our favorite, most stood-behind products. And true to the event’s name, they’ll be available at some of the best prices we’ve ever seen — and in some cases, the best price they’ve ever been. We’re talking up to 50 percent off some rarely on-sale kitchenware, Rio Viera-Newton–approved beauty products, highly giftable gadgets, and lots more.

We’ll be rolling out the deals every hour on the hour over the course of the two-day-event, and we think some of these are too good to last too long, so, as ever, don’t dillydally. (If you want even more deals, you can sign up for our newsletter using the link below: Subscribers will get a couple of deals that won’t appear on the site.)

Our Best-Selling (and Nicest-Looking) Vibrator

Photo: Copyright 2018. All rights reserved.

Two years ago, female-owned sexual wellness brand Maude made a splash with the launch of their understated gender-neutral vibrator. We gave it high marks for how nice it looks, and more importantly, how nice it feels. Since then, experts have continued to rave about its versatility — it can be used externally and internally, alone or with a partner — and its surprisingly powerful motor. Already affordable compared to similar sex toys on the market, the Maude Vibe is currently 15 percent off for our sale with the code STRATDEAL15. That’s a steal — though in-stock supplies are limited, so don’t dillydally. (Once they sell out, you can place a preorder using the same discount.)

A Coronavirus-Friendly (and Actually Cute) Grocery Cart


With many high-touch surfaces, and a bunch of other (panic-ridden) shoppers, trips to the grocery store during coronavirus pose new safety concerns, which is why Strategist contributor Alison Freer brings her own grocery cart — or rather, this food-safe, wheely bag from Hulken. Freer describes the lightweight and easy-to-clean bag as a “true marvel of Swiss design,” since it compacts almost totally flat, but still boasts four, 360-degree swivel wheels and five “unbreakable” handles (that withstood the weight of 16 bottles of wine). And you can get all this for under-$50 ($46.75 to be exact) on their website, no code required.

An Instant Remedy for Crippling Stomach Pain

For writer Eric Margulies, the most surprising (and effective) remedy for his insufferable stomach pain is a fruity, vitamin-rich powder designed for pregnant women. Not only does it have a near-instant effect on his cramps and nausea, but it also actually tastes good and doesn’t ignite any of the other issues that most heavy stomach medicines caused him. And for anyone else who’s been looking for some GI relief (or, well, pregnant women), you can get Sparkling Mama Fizzelixir for the cheapest it’s ever been. Take 20 percent off purchase with the code 20STRATEGIST, making the 8-pack just a little over $11. The 18-pack is also 20 percent off, if you’re looking to stock-up.

A Functional Backpack That’s Actually Fashionable

Cool people from DJs to tech workers to editors (including our very own managing editor Maxine Builder) all agree that when it comes to backpacks, Haerfest’s are both fashionable and functional. (They “just look and feel nice, are sturdy yet sleek, and always comfortable to carry,” says Builder.) With our 25-percent-off deal, using the code STRATDEAL25, the brand’s travel backpack is the cheapest it’s been this year, making it a great time to invest in a handsfree bag that can fit your laptop, hand sanitizer, masks, phone, wallet, keys, water bottle, and other essentials (and be easily worn while riding a bike, according to those who’ve recommended it).

The Charging Cable That Works With Any Device

Strategist contributor Matt Goulet had a problem that may sound familiar: “My laptop, phone, Kindle, and a small bluetooth speaker all needed their own cables, one of which I would inevitably forget, leading me to buy … yet another cable.” But then he discovered the Swiss army knife of cables, the Calamari Ultra. “It has your standard male USB plug on one end. At the other are Lightning (for anything Apple), Micro USB (for most Android phones and other accessories like tablets and point-and-shoot cameras) and USB-C (used by the latest MacBooks and quickly becoming the new standard).” At 41 percent off, this may be the best (and cheapest) time to dump out that drawer and bring much-needed order to your charging life. (There’s no code required, but you won’t see the discount until you’re at checkout.)

This Wear-Everywhere Bonnet Is Currently Half Off

Grace Eleyae Satin-Lined Cap

This satin-lined cap from Grace Eleyae is incredibly versatile — it can, according to frequent wearer Tembe Denton-Hurst, easily go from the bed to the bodega and back again. Unlike other caps, it stays on all night long, doesn’t make hair frizzy or fuzzy, and is (as such) a favorite of celebrities and Strategist writers alike. At 50 percent off, now’s as good a time as ever to buy one (or several), in either grey or black.

These Magnetic Balls That Double As Desk Décor Are 40 Percent Off

Spek’s magnetic balls are for fidgeters, pickers, and tappers who’d rather not tote a conspicuous fidget spinner, or play with messy kinetic sand. Says senior editor Katy Schneider of her Speks: “I’m speaking directly to my fellow nail-biters and split-end pickers, and all you other odd ducks with unspeakably strange and fidgety compulsions when I say: You’re going to want to buy these.” If smashing a small cluster of magnetic balls sounds like a salve to your anxiety (or, at least, your anxious habits): the Speks are currently 40 percent off with the code STRATBESTDEAL, the cheapest we’ve ever seen, and are available in both single and multicolored varieties.

The Portable Printer That Turns Digital Photos Into Analog Prints

The Lab combines the best elements of digital and analog photography in an easy-to-use, fun package,” says former Strategist writer David Notis. “You get the convenience of a smartphone camera and the ephemeral appeal of Polaroid film: white border, quirky colors, and all.” And now you get that for the lowest price we’ve seen.